G2 has showered Plauti with five impressive badges in Summer 2023

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G2 has showered Plauti with five impressive badges in Summer 2023
June 19, 2023
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Exciting news! Plauti has earned five prestigious badges in G2's Summer 2023 reports. We're proud of these accolades as they reflect our commitment to ensuring data happiness:

  • Leader quadrant in the Small-Business Grid®
  • Leader quadrant in the Data Quality Grid®
  • Leader quadrant in the Mid-Market Grid®
  • The Best Meets Requirements product in the Usability Index
  • High Performer quadrant in the Grid®

PDM: Shining bright with its first G2 badges

In a significant achievement for the Plauti family, Plauti Data Management (PDM) has been awarded its first badges from G2, cementing its position in the data quality quadrant. This notable recognition is a testament to the superior data quality solutions provided by PDM. Earning two of the five badges awarded to Plauti, PDM has firmly established its footprint in the realm of data management. This milestone underlines PDM's commitment to delivering top-tier data solutions and is a reflection of our steadfast dedication to customer satisfaction and data excellence.

Plauti's fivefold achievement

G2, a top IT software discovery and evaluation marketplace, has given Plauti five impressive awards in its latest reports. These badges each mark a milestone in our journey and validate the value of our solutions. They reflect our team's hard work and our customers' satisfaction.

At Plauti, we focus on data quality. Our solutions help businesses manage their data efficiently. From deduplication, consolidation, and transformation to validation, our tools prevent errors and keep data accurate and up-to-date, increasing operational efficiency.

G2's badges are symbols of trust in our industry. They highlight the quality and effectiveness of our solutions and help us stand out. We're proud to display these badges as a commitment to excellent customer service.

We're celebrating these achievements but not resting on our laurels. We're committed to improving our offerings, adapting to tech changes, and delivering top value to our customers. Together, we'll continue moving towards data excellence, helping businesses navigate the data-driven world.

Here's to our koala community and our shared journey toward data excellence. Let's celebrate these new achievements together!

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