Unlock the Magic in Salesforce Data Cloud with Plauti PDM

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Unlock the Magic in Salesforce Data Cloud with Plauti PDM
April 03, 2023
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Salesforce Data Cloud (formerly known as 'Genie') platform gathers and unifies customer data in real-time to help organizations get advanced insights into their customer information and behaviour. Data Cloud connects and integrates customer data from various sources, including devices, applications, and real-time information streams. It automatically brings all customer data into a unified, 360-degree view, giving different departments a single and coherent customer profile that can adapt in real-time to new signals and data points.

While this is all great to hear, the truth is that your data quality is a crucial aspect in getting the most out of Salesforce Data Cloud and Plauti. Poor quality data can lead to inaccuracies, wasted marketing campaigns, and lost sales opportunities. On the other hand, leveraging Salesforce Data Cloud with high-quality data lead to more targeted and effective marketing efforts, improved customer engagement, and overall better business outcomes.

To help Salesforce Data Cloud work its magic, you need to give it the best data possible. While that sounds logical, the way to achieve clean data isn’t always as straightforward. In many cases, you may not even be aware that the data in your Salesforce org is flawed.

Plauti Data Management (PDM)
is a powerful data management suite designed to help organizations manage and cleanse their Salesforce data. Whether it is duplicate data, incorrect data, or badly formatted data, you need something to help you make sense of it. Using PDM alongside Salesforce Data Cloud will help your organization achieve better results from Salesforce Data Cloud in several ways. Let’s take a look at some of them..

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Data Cleansing

Duplicate records are like the plague when it comes to poor data quality within Salesforce Data Cloud. They can have a profoundly negative impact on the accuracy and reliability of data, making it challenging to generate accurate reports and make informed decisions. However, eliminating duplicate records can greatly enhance data quality and provide Salesforce Data Cloud with better information to work with, ultimately leading to more effective and efficient business processes.

To tackle the issue of duplicate records, PDM offers highly detailed and customizable data cleansing features. These features can identify and resolve instances of duplicate records in your Salesforce org using several advanced matching methods, which can take into account various factors such as name, address, phone number, email addresses and more.

Verify & Validate

Did Snoop Dog really sign up to your website? Did Beyonce really download your whitepaper? Probably not. It's hard to stop people using fake information to sign up to a website. Frankly, it's not hard to blame them. Fear of data-leaks, spam and identity theft have made people very cautious about any information shared on the internet. Of course, the problem for you is that you end up with a virtual ton of false information that clutters your org. PDM can help you achieve happy data for Salesforce Data Cloud by verifying and validating data in your Salesforce org and separate the authentic information from the fictitious. From fake email addresses and fake phone numbers, eliminating fake information is another way to ensure that the Data Cloud uses accurate, complete, and consistent information.


Sometimes data is entered in haste and can be partially incomplete. Good data is complete data, and PDM can help your organization by enriching the data in your Salesforce Data Cloud. Data enrichment can help you fill in the gaps when incomplete information has been entered. For instance, if you have records containing just a street name and house number, PDM can automatically fill in the rest for you. These enrichment capabilities occur on the fly with real-time suggestions, so the information that enters your org is right from the start.


PDM can also standardize the data in your Salesforce org, ensuring that it is entered consistently and accurately. Standardizing data can further help data entry errors, and make your data easier to integrate Salesforce Data Cloud. Like enriching, PDM can automatically enforce data validation rules to ensure that data is entered correctly the first time, reducing the need for manual corrections. Automation is also possible for other data checks, like checking for duplicates.


Most organisations have such an abundance of data that managing the data cleansing routines can become tedious, if not impossible. Without well-structured automation of data cleansing, it's likely that managing your organisations data will feel like a constant uphill battle. Plauti PDM give you the control to automate a great deal of your data cleaning operations. For instance, it will automatically check and verify data entering your org for errors from various entry paths. Or create customizable job queries that can be saved for later at the click of a mouse –no more having to create the same tasks over and over. With PDM, it's now easier than ever to customize your data standards in the way that you think best fit your organisation and sit back while PDM does the work.


To get the most out of Salesforce Data Cloud, one thing is pretty clear: you need good data for the best results. As mentioned earlier, data as the fuel for Salesforce Data Cloud. You can’t expect a car to run well if you mix the petrol with sand and water, in the same way, you can’t expect Salesforce Data Cloud to run magically if it’s working with data that is riddled with errors, duplicates and outdated information.

can help you get the most out of Salesforce Data Cloud by improving the accuracy, completeness, and consistency of data that Data Cloud will access. This, in turn, can lead to more effective marketing campaigns, better customer engagement, and improved business outcomes. The true 360-degree customer view you’ve always wanted.

If you’re looking into data management solutions and would like to learn more about how Plauti PDM can help your organization. get in touch with one of the subject experts at Plauti and they’ll help you set up and tailor Duplicate Check to meet the specific goals of your organization.

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