Deduplication ROI Insights…and more

Gijs Hovens
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January 28, 2021
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Ever wanted to see how much all those scenarios, deduplication jobs, and prevention settings did for you? Now you can. We are proud to introduce DC Analytics. Read more in this blog or join our webinar.

Dc analytics

The DC Analytics dashboard gives you insights on:

  • Duplicates found, merged, and converted over time
  • Amount of duplicates in incoming records
  • Methods used to merge and convert
  • Methods used to find duplicates

For even more in-depth insights, install the Audit Logging Dashboard add-on package. This includes user leaderboards on merge and convert actions. You can now have DC data in your Salesforce dashboards as well.

Lightning strikes

The DC Entry and Merge pages are now faster loading and more user-friendly. We have rebuilt them with Lightning Web Components (LWC). This also allows you to embed the DC Entry page via Apex or the Lightning App Builder. The DC Entry page is now URL addressable, including parameters. The Merge page now contains a merge preview and is also built with LWC.

Go with the Flow

A quick reminder that flow actions are now available for Duplicate Check: Find, merge, convert, show and process duplicates with Flow Actions. View our recorded webinar for an introduction and examples.

If this is all a bit much to take in, we’ll gladly walk you through all the improvements in a webinar.

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