Deduplicate your Dynamics 365 with Plauti's Duplicate Check

Deduplicate your Dynamics 365 with Plauti's Duplicate Check

Feeling overwhelmed by duplicates in your Dynamics 365 database? Crave pristine, hassle-free data quality? Experience Plauti's Duplicate Check for Dynamics 365 now for Free! Clean, reliable data in real-time, slashing hours of tedious clean-up. Ready for a superior Dynamics 365 experience?

Discover powerful, simple-to-use features

With Duplicate Check for Dynamics 365, managing your data quality becomes a breeze. DC keeps your data clean and organized no matter how vast or complex your data is.

1. Prevent duplicates while creating a new record

Don't just prevent duplicates on 'Save'. Activate 'as-you-type' prevention. No more filling out full records to discover duplicates. Start searching after populating certain fields. Click here for seamless and early detection.

2. Prevent duplicates while updating a record

The 'as-you-type' feature isn't just for new entries. It extends to updating existing records too. If an update creates a duplicate, you're alerted in real-time, saving precious time. Click here for smarter, faster data management.

3. Get a Duplicate notice with quick-create

Duplicates sneaking in via quick-create? DC's robust detection triggers notifications on 'Save', empowering you to allow or deny record creation based on duplicate scenarios. Click here for precision control over your CRM data.

4. Get to work with any (custom) Entity

Duplicate Check can work with any entity in Dynamics 365. That includes custom Entities. Learn more here.

5. Duplicate detection scenarios

Experience best-in-class duplicate detection with Duplicate Check. Enjoy default scenarios for most entities or customize your own, leveraging smart algorithms for any field type. Command the fight against duplicates with precision tailored to your unique dataset. Ready for total control? Learn more here.

A clean database is just a click away

Join Plauti's journey, beginning with these powerful duplicate prevention features. On track to be the most comprehensive duplicate solution for Dynamics.

Join the thriving community of businesses optimizing their Dynamics 365 Sales with Duplicate Check. Whether you're an enterprise in need of sales automation or seeking enhanced business processes with insightful data, DC is your ideal partner.

Ready to elevate your Dynamics 365 journey? DC empowers you to build deeper customer relationships, act on data-driven insights, and accelerate deal closures.

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So easy to install

Get your Duplicate Check for Dynamics 365 for free on the Microsoft AppSource. Just search, click 'Get it now', and follow the easy installation steps. Need help configuring your Power apps? Our knowledge base is brimming with resources.