Email validation in Salesforce

Email validation in Salesforce

Improve deliverability and tag disposable, catch-all, free, and spam-trap email addresses.

Emailing invalid or hard-bounce email addresses is a costly exercise—both in investment terms as for your sender reputation. Validate your existing email addresses and check newly entered email addresses for hard bounces, disposable domains like mailinator, catch-all, role-based, and spam-trap email addresses.

There is no need to define complex email validation rules or regex; let Record Validation do the heavy lifting for you.

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Get a suggestion while entering an email address

While entering an email address, get a suggestion of a validated email address you probably mean.

Pick a suggested email address

Choose a validated email address from the suggestions that are shown.

Validate an email address

Validate the email address and find out if the user exists.

Classify addresses

Categorize as valid, spam-trap, catch-all, role-based, free and more types of email addresses.