Integrate Duplicate Check within Salesforce customizations

You have chosen Salesforce because of its flexibility to integrate all of your business processes. Do not settle for less when selecting a deduplication solution. Our Apex plugins, Flow Actions, API, and SFDX plugins make sure deduplication seamlessly integrates with your existing processes.

Lightning Flow Actions

Integrate a duplicate check into your manual data entry processes (think of leads, opportunities, cases). Your users do not need to learn new actions or external tools; they keep following their current workflows but now check for duplicates.

Available flow actions include finding, merging, and converting duplicates.

Apex plugins

Extend Duplicate Check by running your own Apex code whenever a specific action executes in Duplicate Check. Among the many possibilities is implementing your own merge logic, executing some custom code to update external systems, or implementing a custom process when a unique or duplicate record is inserted.


Leverage Duplicate Check functionality within Salesforce with our Apex API or find duplicates in Salesforce from outside with our REST API.

The REST Data API allows for the creation of a record without the need to create duplicates. When a record is added via the Data API, this record is directly checked for duplicates. If duplicates are present, it will update the existing record instead of creating a duplicate record.

SFDX plugins

Make your development work easier and faster with Duplicate Check SFDX plugins. Ensure your different development environments contain the correct version of Duplicate Check without manually installing and configuring it for every environment.

Install Duplicate Check, import and export configurations, link your sandboxes to your production license, and refresh the license all from the SFDX CLI.

Sandbox Licenses

All Duplicate Check paid plans come with ten free sandbox licenses.

Enterprise Release Schedule

No surprises. Duplicate Check has a release schedule of 12 minor releases per year at fixed intervals. A sandbox release in the first week and a production release one week later. In addition to minor releases, Duplicate Check may do patch releases to fix issues that need immediate attention.

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