All within Salesforce

From the smallest to the largest datasets, handle data manipulation in single action executions!

The platform offers a suite of capabilities for admins, including simple bulk updates and deletions of records, data enrichment for accounts, and the mass assignment of ownership and task creation.

Single-click, Limitless Salesforce Data Handling

Smart and Instant Data Transformation
Make large data manipulation easy: mass update, delete, convert, and many more
Advanced Customization: Native to Salesforce
Work within Salesforce, bypassing its limitations
Controlled Delegation
As an admin, set specific access and limits for end-users, and keep control with the Audit Log
Premium Automation & Customization
Tap into ChatGPT within the platform to leverage record-specific data for generating AI-driven content, or actions
Easy to Use and Set Up
No coding needed and a user-friendly onboarding
Save Costs with All-in-one Solution
Cut costs with one tool and save on Salesforce storage fees
“This app is handy for taking action on Salesforce records in bulk, filling the gaps of some Salesforce limitations. Being able to do it directly in Salesforce is extremely helpful.”
Josh Flexen
Josh Flexen Director of Marketing Operations & RevOps at Pecan AI

Updating Records in Bulk

Mass update along with mass delete, assign ownership and create tasks – helps you work smarter and save time. It’s about getting back to what matters: solving real problems, not just ticking boxes. Letting you focus on impactful work, not just busywork.

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Controlled Delegation

Designed with admins in mind, Data Action Platform allows for the assignment of specific end-user access. Ensuring teams can fully utilize the automation capabilities of the app, while maintaining proper control and oversight.

In doing so, it not only supports team collaboration but also instills peace of mind and ensures that data remains secure and well-protected.

Premium Automation & Customization

Data Action Platform’s ChatGPT integration enables users to leverage record-specific data for generating AI-driven content or actions. You can tailor prompts to fit your business needs, create highly personalized emails in seconds leading to increased engagement and stronger connections.

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All mass actions

Mass delete
Mass update
Ask ChatGPT
Mass convert
Mass create task
Mass assign ownership
Create account hierarchy
Find & replace
Run a flow
Any custom action

Custom configuration and Easier process control

The platform also offers options for Scheduled Jobs, Record Events, and Macros to automate and coordinate workflows.

Explore DAP’s wide selection of customizable actions, designed to adapt to your specific business needs. The app enhances team cooperation, streamlines your operations, and protects your data, ensuring its integrity and security.

Data Action Platform, helps admins improve the effectiveness of business processes easily, making it an essential tool for any modern organization.