All the bulk data actions you’ll ever need in Salesforce

No more switching between multiple apps, components or the time-intensive use of Data Loader. A single solution, backed by a highly configurable and secure framework.

Get your time back

Easily adjust large data volumes

10+ mass actions
Edit, delete, convert and many more.
Native to Salesforce
No data transfer out of Salesforce
Keep track of all changes
with the Audit Log
“This app is handy for taking action on Salesforce records in bulk, filling the gaps of some Salesforce limitations. Being able to do it directly in Salesforce it extremely helpful.”
Josh Flexen
Josh Flexen Director of Marketing Operations & RevOps at Pecan AI

Boost productivity and save time

Save hours per week making changes to records in Salesforce. Apply bulk data actions such as mass update, mass delete, mass convert and assign record ownership. Make changes to Leads, Contacts, Accounts and all other standard and custom objects. Adjust any number of records by running a batch job.

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Drive Salesforce adoption

Stop using Excel or Data Loader for adjusting records. Empower users by giving them access to mass actions anywhere in Salesforce. Apply custom limits and apply permissions per user profile.

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All mass actions

Mass delete
Mass update
Ask ChatGPT
Mass convert
Mass create task
Mass assign ownership
Create account hierarchy
Find & replace
Run a flow
Any custom action
Smarter revenue operations

Increase the quality of leads by executing mass actions on lead imports and accelerate speed-to-lead by creating follow-up in bulk. Balance territories in minutes and distribute records based on any profit maximising logic. The are so many use cases for marketing, sales and support operations. Go ahead and discover your own!

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Enjoy our Platform-power

All data actions are backed by a highly configurable and secure framework, which is Large Data Volume (LDV) ready. It operates within the safe boundaries of Salesforce and in case of any incidents, root causes are identified quickly in the audit log. To prevent future incidents, improvements in access to bulk actions can be made per user profile.