Transition to Patient Centric Healthcare

The focus in healthcare is shifting from one-time treatments to overall patient well-being. This patient-centric approach requires a total insight into patient health care history, preferences, and relationships.

Patient centric approach

Enable a unified patient view

To create this total insight, care providers, pharma, and health insurers capture more and more data and share more and more data between them. This is where it gets messy.

Patient data is bound by the strictest of privacy and security regulations. Plauti helps you exceed patient expectations, reduce operational costs and comply with data and privacy laws and regulations.

Exceed Patient Expectations

An aging population puts great stress on health care systems around the world. At the same time, the communication and care preferences of younger patients differ greatly from previous generations.

One thing is sure; a digital transformation is needed to handle more patients and communicate with each patient the way they prefer.

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Fix fragmented data

Health care data comes in many formats (notes, numbers, pictures, video, structured and unstructured) and from many sources (patients, health care providers, insurers, pharmacies, and employers). Often there is no single source of truth, making it very hard to provide the best care.

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Stay up to date

Keep ever-changing data in check

In the complex care landscape, data decays at an alarming rate. Patients relocate, care providers merge, new treatments and drugs are introduced, and old ones are phased out. Stale data leads to worse care and dubious business decisions.

Comply with regulations

Operational, regulatory (HIPAA, GDPR), or statutory compliance are required from all healthcare institutions. To ensure compliance and correct reporting, you need a single customer view.

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