Personalize the insurance experience and drive loyalty

Customers expect insurers to deliver the same personalized experience they get in other industries. Fragmented customer data and bad data quality in Salesforce is impeding this.

Policyholder 360

Unify policyholder data in Salesforce

Policyholders are looking for a trusted advisor in protecting assets, managing risk, and reaching retirement goals. However, 75% of policyholders would switch insurers to get more personalized services elsewhere. Empowering customer-facing teams with a unified and trusted view in Salesforce is key in driving policyholder loyalty.

Improve service rep productivity

Stitching together insights from siloed data or fragmented records within Salesforce takes away precious time. Customer service reps lose productivity and morale, which negatively impacts the experience for the policyholder. Empower customer-facing teams with a unified and trusted policyholder view in Salesforce.

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Proactively advise your policyholders

Allow customer-facing teams to use data such as life events to advise and service policyholders proactively. Unify fragmented policyholder data from multiple business lines and enable customer-facing teams to exceed customer expectations—all within Salesforce.

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“Without Plauti, a policyholder 360 view would have been almost impossible to accomplish the way we wanted, without trying to code an application or integration ourselves and maintain it. You have set up a great product to make customer data aggregation extremely simple.”
Jeff Ritter
Jeff Ritter Corporate Development, Investments, and Strategic Initiatives
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Consolidate the tech stack

Improving data quality without increasing security risk ratings, overhead costs, and points of compliance? It's possible. Learn how our solutions allow for data quality practices without the need for personal data having to leave the Salesforce org. Oh, and we're compatible with Shield Encryption.

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