Increase donations, improve program outcomes and reduce costs

A 360 view of your donors, as well as your volunteers and clients, will boost your donations and improve program outcomes. Having all data in a single view will reduce overhead costs, making sure that more money is spent helping people.

360 donor view

Improve donor relations, increase donations

Increase the effectiveness of your donor account managers by providing them with a single 360-view of all relations. Plauti solutions are native to Salesforce and allow your employees and volunteers to keep following their existing workflows and start contributing to and profiting from higher quality data.

Reduce Service Costs

Reduce failed deliveries in email and post by up to 70% and reduce data entry time by 78%. By relying on our autosuggest features, you will reduce the number of errors in addresses by 20%. Your donor relation managers and support agents do not waste time working on duplicate leads, increasing efficiency by about 15%.

Comply with regulations

Operational, regulatory, or statutory compliance are required from all non-profits and charities. To ensure compliance and correct reporting, you need a single customer view.

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“Very good product. Great results when it comes to duplicate management. Also, very good introduction from Plauti Customer Support.”
Daniel Eglin
Daniel Eglin Fundraising Data Manager at Greenpeace