Adapt to rising customer expectations

Since Covid-19 customers demand a digitalized and connected experience along their buyer journey. Empower Salesforce end-users with a true customer 360 to deliver on the rising standards of customers.

Empower employees with a true customer 360

With different contact channels and means to engage with your business, accurately identifying the right client with the right information in real-time is essential for end-users. Our data quality solutions empower employees to instantly see if the data they work with is a deduplicated and consolidated view of the customer and whether the contact data is valid. Optionally, allow end-users to perform data quality enhancing activities, contributing to a trusted customer 360 in Salesforce.

Trusted by top global brands
“We were able to more efficiently attribute and consolidate customer buying behaviors and further strengthen our customer relationships. It makes maintaining a single customer view easy. Since we’ve been using the Plauti functionality we've had business growth month over month. It has been invaluable and we're using it more and more.”
Ian Swain II
Ian Swain II Director of Enterprise Products

Deliver on convenience

Since Covid-19, consumers spend more time in their home offices and living rooms, less in stores and offices. They expect digitalized versions of in-person products and services. Offering these digitalized versions creates more data points that cause data quality challenges in Salesforce. Start creating data happiness in your organization.

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Create a connected experience

On average, customers use 9 different channels to start and complete a transaction and they expect a seamless experience across those channels. However, 65% of consumers have to repeat information to different representatives and more than half of business buyers feel departments like sales, marketing, and service don't share information. Empower employees with a single source of truth in Salesforce to deliver a consistent experience along every touchpoint of the customer journey.

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