G2 Spring 2024: Plauti's Salesforce Deduping and Data Tools

Daniela Cajigal
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April 04, 2024
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As the spring season rolls in, we are excited to announce that we have maintained our strong performance with the latest round of G2 badges. It's a tradition we're proud to continue.

A testament to consistency

Our recent accolades reflect our dedication:

  • Leader in Europe: Our products and services continue to resonate strongly with our European audience.
  • High Performer Small-Business: Tailoring solutions for small businesses has earned us high marks for customer satisfaction.
  • Momentum Leader: Ranking in the top quartile of our category underscores our progressive impact.
  • Leader Mid-Market: We have a solid standing among mid-market users, indicative of our reliable and robust offerings.
  • High Performer Mid-Market: Our commitment to the mid-market sector has been acknowledged once again.
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A heartfelt thank you to our customers – your confidence in our products propels us forward. To our partners and providers – your support is the cornerstone of our success. And to our koala crew, the Plauti employees whose relentless dedication makes all this possible – your hard work does not go unnoticed.

These badges are not merely achievements; they are markers of our collective efforts and a reminder of our customers' trust in us. They inspire us to keep improving, innovating, and delivering solutions that make a difference. We look forward to continuing this journey with all of you.

Explore the tools behind the badges

Curious about the data solutions that have earned these badges? Dive into the capabilities of Duplicate Check and our comprehensive Plauti Data Management suite. Streamline your Salesforce experience with our award-winning tools designed to keep your data clean, organized, and duplicate-free.

Don't let data management challenges slow you down. Discover how Plauti can elevate your Salesforce environment today.

Happy Customers
Great product. Excellent customer experience.
Customer experience is top tier. I cannot say enough good things about the customer success manager paired with our organisation. Their commitment to the success of our team has been outstanding.
Justine Miller
Justine Miller
Sr Data Management Supervisor at Honeywell
Plauti is easy to set up and use and the support is always there to support you in all challenges
The servicedesk of Plauti really goes far and beyond to make sure you are being assisted and helped with your functional requirements. I was trying to set up Plauti record validation (mobile check) in a flow so that after insertion or change of a mobile number within a record in Salesforce the number gets validation and standardized automatically. Plauti was able to help me really well and assisted in building a flow to accomplish my requirement. They even went further and made sure that every technical issue I was facing during the configuration of this flow was being solved as soon as possible.
Biaf Chalabi
Biaf Chalabi
Application Expert - Systems at TriFinance
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