Melissa Data Address Validation vs. Plauti Record Validation: In-Depth Salesforce Review 2024

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Melissa Data Address Validation vs. Plauti Record Validation: In-Depth Salesforce Review 2024
November 27, 2023
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TL;DR: This article compares Melissa Clean Suite CRM and Plauti Record Validation for Salesforce, offering an in-depth review in 2024. It discusses features, usability, and effectiveness of both solutions, aiding businesses in making an informed choice for data validation in their Salesforce CRM system.

Address validation is critical in Salesforce to ensure accurate delivery and enhance customer satisfaction. It prevents frustrating scenarios where packages are misrouted due to address errors. For instance, imagine eagerly awaited purchases being delayed due to inaccurate addresses. Address validation technology helps ensure that online shopping carts reach their destinations smoothly, improving customer retention and happiness.

Today, we'll embark on a journey through the Salesforce universe, exploring the vital importance of accurate address data validation. We'll take a close look at two solutions – Plauti Record Validation and Melissa Clean Suite CRM – uncovering how they revolutionize the accuracy, reliability, and efficiency of address data within Salesforce. Get ready to witness how these tools wield their transformative powers, influencing everything from doorstep deliveries to skyrocketing customer satisfaction in the ever-evolving landscape of modern business.

Record Validation Salesforce clean data

Record Validation

Plauti Record Validation, designed specifically for Salesforce, offers a comprehensive suite of features that streamline and enhance data management processes. Alongside email and phone number validation & verification, Record Validation also excels at validating address information. Let’s examine other features of Record Validation;


  • Format and Validate Records: It enables formatting and validation of email addresses, phone numbers, and addresses upon record insertion or updating, leading to faster data entry and improved efficiency​​.
  • Direct Validate: Automatically validates records at the point of entry, like API insert or bulk upload, ensuring immediate data accuracy​​.
  • Comprehensive Address Data Handling: Parses, standardizes, verifies, cleanses, and formats address data for over 240 countries and territories​​.
  • Batch Validation: Offers the ability to validate all existing records within Salesforce, with an easy-to-use interface and no technical knowledge required​​.
  • Geocoding: Geocoding your address data adds precise location information and allows for better tracking, deliverability and route optimization.
  • Live validation: RV Live is a Lightning component you can add on your record page to validate addresses on any page working on.  


  • Native Salesforce Integration: Easy integration and adaption with Salesforce, eliminating the need for data export and import​​.
  • Flexible and Extensible: RV has the power to utilize APIs and Flow Actions for custom process integration​​.
  • Live validation: RV Live can be added to any Salesforce page and allows users to validate address information as they update or create a record.


Since Record Validation was designed for Salesforce, organizations using other CRM’s might find this option unattractive.


Record Validation offers a free version with 100 credits for various validation activities, and the premium plan starts at $39/month, providing 50,000 credits. You can take this plan up to a total of 250,000 credits for a total of $180/month. There's also an Enterprise plan with unlimited checks, tailored to specific needs​​​​​​.

Meslissa Logo Data for salesforce address validation

Melissa Clean Suite CRM

Melissa Clean Suite CRM, compatible with Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM, focuses on maintaining accurate and up-to-date global People Data (name, address, phone, email).


  • Real-Time and Batch Processing: Offers options for data cleansing and quality protection in batch​​​​​​.
  • Address Autocomplete: Quickly and accurately autocompletes U.S. and international addresses​​.
  • Global Address Verification: Verifies and standardizes addresses for over 240 countries​​.
  • Geocoding: Like Record Validation, you can also enrich your records with valuable geocode information.


A free version with 1000 free credits per month


There are very limited reviews for Melissa Clean Suite CRM on the Salesforce AppExchange, and the total score comes in at 3.75 (out of 5). On the other hand, Record Validation has more reviews with a higher score of 4,56 – a very good score reflecting more satisfaction from Salesforce users.


Melissa Clean Suite CRM starts off with a one-time purchase cost of $19,99 for the application, after which credits are purchased per credit requirements. A range of options is available, from 10,000 Credits for $40 to one million credits for $3200. For large-scale users, direct contact with Melissa for customized pricing and arrangements​​.

Comparative section

Melissa Clean Suite vs Record Validation: Address Validation Scope

Address Validation: Both Record Validation and Melissa offer comprehensive global address validation for over 240 countries. However, RV’s integration with Salesforce is more native and streamlined, offering greater ease of use within the Salesforce ecosystem​​​​​​.

Melissa Clean Suite vs Record Validation: efficiency

Data Entry and Validation Speed: Record Validation’s emphasis on rapid data entry and validation, especially with its auto-suggest and live validation features, makes it a more efficient choice for users who prioritize speed and accuracy in data management​​​​, and ensures getting data capture right at the source.


In conclusion, while both Plauti Record Validation and Melissa Clean Suite CRM offer robust address validation solutions, Plauti's native integration with Salesforce, combined with its user-friendly interface and flexible validation options, make it a more suitable choice for Salesforce users. Another factor that makes Record Validation stand out as a better choice for Salesforce users is high score for Record Validation on the Salesforce AppExchange, compared with Melissa’s questionable score of 3,75. For businesses looking to enhance their Salesforce experience with efficient data management, particularly in address validation, Plauti Record Validation emerges as clear winner in this comparison.

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