No longer lose data in Salesforce NPSP Household merges

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No longer lose data in Salesforce NPSP Household merges
January 21, 2022
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With the most recent Duplicate Check release, on the 31st of January (Sandboxes) and 7th of February (Production), we released an improvement. This improvement grants complete control when merging Household Accounts as a result of a Contact merge. A pain point for NPSP users, as this was not possible before, resulting in the potential loss of essential data.

A missing NPSP feature

If, as a result of a Contact merge, you deleted a Contact who was the last member of a Household Account, the process merged that Contact's Household Account with the winning Contact's Household Account. This merge was executed automatically, directly after the Contact merge was completed. At this point, NPSP did not have any configuration options for making decisions in the merge, nor to preserve any unique field information on the Household Accounts. This could result in the loss of essential data.

Take back control

Due to the latest update in Duplicate Check, the merging of Household Accounts as described above is now connected to the Advanced Merge Rule feature (available in the Premium edition). By using this feature, you can take complete control of the merge process. Decide what field values to keep in the master Household Account, or use intelligent interventions such as "concatenate," "keep all values," "sum up," and many more.

Experience it yourself

Request a free Premium Duplicate Check trial to experience this new merge feature yourself. If you are on an Advanced plan, please contact us for an upgrade.

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