Best Email Validation Tool: NeverBounce vs. Plauti Record Validation for Salesforce

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November 02, 2023
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TL;DR: The article compares email validation services, Record Validation and NeverBounce, emphasizing features, pros, cons, and suitability. Record Validation offers comprehensive hygiene and Salesforce integration, while NeverBounce excels in verification accuracy and diverse platform integration. Record Validation provides detailed reporting and broader feature depth, including phone and address validation. The choice depends on organizational needs, with Record Validation fitting well for Salesforce-focused users

The internet has evolved and transformed the world dramatically over the last 20 years. Some products have evolved, some have completely vanished. If you’re old enough to remember Myspace, you know what we mean. Through all this change however, one thing has remained pretty much unscathed; the good old email. Most people still use email daily, and email remains one of the largest communication protocols on earth.

The problem with email is that fake email addresses can be created in a few clicks. Also, most people are reluctant to give out their primary email address to unknown sources because they fear spam or email leaks. For this reason, ensuring a clean database of accurate emails is a tricky situation that most companies face. For businesses, ensuring the authenticity and reachability of your email contacts is vital. Sending emails that bounce, or that never get read, is a huge waste of time and energy. For this very reason, companies rely on email validation services like firefighters rely on water.

If you’re looking into email validation for your company, the choice between different email validation services often comes down to the needs you have. Each service brings a different range of features, pricing, and efficiency. In this article we’re discussing two well-known services for email validation; Record Validation and NeverBounce. Is Record Validation the alternative you've been looking for? Let’s explore how these products differ and how they can assist in email validation.

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Record Validation Overview

While the focus of this article is on email validation, Record Validation (RV) is more than just an email validation tool; it encompasses a range of validation services covering email but also phone, and address validation. If it's only email validation you're after, RV is still a great choice, especially for Salesforce users. Record Validation validates and verifies your email data through a combination of techniques, including Syntax Check, DNS Check and FreeMail Check. What else does RV do?


  • Quick Entry: Accelerates the process of entering new information by validating, verifying and formatting email addresses upon record insertion or update​.
  • Live Validation: Add Record Validation anywhere on your record page layout so you can quickly validate email addresses for the record you’re working in.
  • Direct Validate: A real-time validation feature for records entering your system through API insert or bulk upload, ensuring data integrity right from the point of entry​.
  • Batch Validation: A feature for those huge lists of records needing validation, Batch Validation tackles them in one fell swoop.
  • Integrate Custom Processes - take advantage of RV’s easy-to-use Apex, REST API and Flow Actions to format and validate emails in Salesforce as well as outside Salesforce.


  • Holistic hygiene: With features like Quick Entry & Direct Validation, emails entering your org are more likely to be captured correctly and ensured to be valid.
  • Integration Ease: Native integration into Salesforce. Additionally, Record Validation can be seamlessly integrated with Duplicate Check, creating the ultimate data management combo.
  • Pardot (Account Engagement): If your business thrives in the Salesforce ecosystem and embraces Pardot (Account Engagement), RV serves as the ultimate vital companion. Pardot's connection with Salesforce ensures that Record Validation can work its wizardry upon your data, keeping it clean, verified and validated.


  • Platform Dependency: Although you can use customer processes to handle validation outside of Salesforce, RV is primarily tailored for Salesforce, which might be a limitation for non-Salesforce users. But if you’re looking for a Salesforce native solution – Plauti is a sure bet!

Record Validation Pricing

The pricing model is straightforward. You have a free trial to get you started, followed by a premium plan starting at $39/month (billed annually) that comes with 50,000 credits. The credits are utilized for email, phone, and address validations, with additional credit bundles available for heavier validation needs​​.

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NeverBounce Overview

Next, we look at NeverBounce, who often come up in search results when comparing email validation services. With a blend of real-time verification and bulk validation, NeverBounce helps to refine your email list and ensure a reduction in email bounces​​.


  • Domain Check: A domain check lets you determine if an email address's domain exists, is properly configured, and can receive emails. NeverBounce uses a wide mix of validation checks, including MX, DNS, SMTP, SOCIAL, and “private technologies” in determining validity of addresses.
  • Bulk Verification: A feature for the heavy data tasks, handling massive databases of email addresses with grace​​.
  • Catch-all server detection: Catch-all server detection is the process of identifying email servers configured to accept email messages sent to any address at a specific domain, even if the recipient address doesn't exist.


  • High Verification Accuracy: Advanced algorithms drive a high level of email verification accuracy.
  • Integrations: NeverBounce boasts integrations with 80+ platforms.


  • Limited seats - Compared to Record Validation which comes with unlimited user seats, NeverBounce may be limited in its user adoption.
  • Integration pain - Integration with Salesforce is not as straightforward as Record Validation.

NeverBounce Pricing

NeverBounce adopts a volume-based pricing model where the cost per email validation decreases as the volume increases. For instance, for emails up to 10,000, the cost is $0.008 per email ($800), which progressively decreases​.

Record Validation vs NeverBounce – Reporting

Record Validation gives you detailed information about your data with great reporting functions. For instance, check what percentage of your data is incorrect, and why is it incorrect. You can also track your progress in validating data over the last few months and share these insights with the rest of your team.

Record Validation vs NeverBounce – Feature depth

While NeverBounce does offer useful functionality for validating emails, the overall depth of its features is not as rich as Plauti Record Validation. Record Validation offers validation of phone numbers as well as addresses. The possibility to seamlessly integrate Record Validation with Duplicate Check means that you can also combine the power of two amazing applications.


Both Record Validation and NeverBounce offer excellent features that will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the quality of your email records, sender reputation and more. When it comes to choosing the “best” solution, the reality is that there is in fact no “one-size-fits-all" solution that cures the issues of every organization. NeverBounce could be the better choice in some situations, especially if you are looking to integrate into other platforms outside the Salesforce domain. Since NeverBounce supports over 80 different platforms, if you use CleverReach, or Bronto for instance, NeverBounce is a great choice.

While NeverBounce focuses their product on email validation, this doesn't necessarily mean it's better. Record Validation comes packed with powerful features that make it a formidable competitor, even as a standalone email validation solution. For a start, if your organization is heavily Salesforce focused, Record Validation will be easy to implement and will instantly feel friendly and familiar to your users. Since RV functions as a lighting component in Salesforce, you can add it to any page of any record a user is working on. This gives you total control over every record in real time. Your sales team can quickly determine the data quality of a lead, ensuring that time isn't wasted on dead ends. Additionally, features like Quick Entry are unique to Record Validation, ensuring that any update or creation of a new record will automatically be checked and validated –total hands-off data control.

Are you interested in how Record Validation can enhance your organization's email success? Then start your free trial today. No credit card required. You get 100 credits to verify and format email addresses right away.

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