Managing Duplicate Records is a Breeze with the New DC Job Overview (Beta)

Ruben van de Kamp
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March 17, 2023
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Duplicate records in Salesforce can cause major headaches for businesses, leading to lost time, inaccurate reporting, and reduced productivity. However, managing duplicate records just got easier with the beta version of the DC Job Overview.

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The new beta version brings an updated interface and improved functionality, making it easier to manage duplicate record identification and processing jobs in Salesforce. Let's take a closer look at the key features and benefits of the new beta version.

Improved User Interface

The new beta version offers an updated and modernized user interface that is cleaner, more intuitive, easier to navigate, and follows the design standards of Salesforce Lightning. Users can quickly access key features, such as viewing and processing duplicate records, sub-jobs like Auto Merge and Convert, and exporting results. The updated interface provides a more seamless user experience, faster page load times, and improved performance.

New Functionality

In addition to the improved user interface, the new beta version offers enhanced functionality for managing duplicate records.

  • Additional meta-data: We've added a new Info Modal that stores a lot of additional meta-data related to your job. Part of the Info modal is the scenario used to find duplicates, so you can easily retrieve this information and see how duplicates were identified.
  • Auto Merge / Convert Filter: With our new filtering options based on group meta-data, you can set up auto merge or auto convert for specific criteria, such as merging only duplicate groups that contain a maximum of two records.
  • Bulk job deletion: Say goodbye to cluttered job lists! Our new bulk deletion feature lets you easily delete multiple older or unnecessary jobs with just a few clicks. In addition, it allows to clean up all jobs that are without results in one go, saving some valuable storage space.
  • Share your job results: Want to share your job results with someone outside your team? Our new sharing feature allows you to send a direct link to a specific job, so your recipient can access the results. The recipient of the link can only access the job shared with them, letting you share the responsibility of cleaning up duplicates in jobs you choose to share.
  • Plauti Cloud: We're excited to introduce our new processing option, Plauti Cloud. This new processing option allows you to run your duplicate check jobs outside of Salesforce, with benefits such as improved performance, the ability to analyze a higher number of records, and ease of use.
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We have several exciting new features in the works for the DC Job Overview page. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Scheduled Jobs: The scheduled job interface will get a make-over and some enhancements, like editing a scheduled job.
  • Merge Log: We're developing a merge log that will show all merges that are done manually, via quick merge, or auto merge for a specific job. This will help you keep track of all merge activity and ensure that everything is running smoothly.
  • Convert Log: Similarly, we're also working on a convert log that will show all converts that are done manually, via quick convert, or auto convert for a specific job. This log will provide valuable information about all convert activity and allow you to monitor the process.
  • Merge Filter using Object Fields: Currently, the merge filter only uses group metadata. However, we're planning to expand the merge filter to include Object fields as well. This will give you even more control over the merging process and make it easier to identify duplicate records.
  • Convert Filter using Object Fields: Similar to the merge filter, we plan to expand the convert filter to include Object fields. This will let you filter duplicates based on specific fields, making identifying and converting them easier.

These new features will further improve the functionality of the DC Job Overview page, and will help you manage your duplicate records more efficiently. We're excited about these updates and can't wait to share them with you in Q2 2023.

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