Record Validation for Salesforce vs 360 Verify the Email – the Cure to Failed Email Campaigns?

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Record Validation for Salesforce vs 360 Verify the Email – the Cure to Failed Email Campaigns?
November 08, 2023
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TL;DR: This article compares Record Validation for Salesforce (RV) with 360 Verify the Email, focusing on email data accuracy to combat failed email campaigns. 360 Verify the Email, part of 360 Degree Cloud, promises a 99% email deliverability rate with features like bulk verification and domain verification. However, it lacks spam-trap detection, recent reviews, and clear pricing details. On the other hand, RV, a Plauti tool, excels in email validation, spam-trap detection, and Salesforce integration. It offers live validation, unlimited user seats, and transparent pricing starting at $39/month.

Email is the cornerstone of any business's communication. And, when your email communications start slipping, so too does your organization’s confidence. Why are emails bouncing? Why does nobody open the emails? These questions can dig into the minds of your marketing team until doubt takes over completely, leading to paralysis and inaction.

If any of the issues mentioned sound like a familiar conundrum, don’t worry. Companies around the world all battle this issue. The good news is that we’re going to help you find a solution to combat this challenge. As you might be aware, there are many products on the market that claim to tackle this problem – the tough part is finding out which one that suites your needs and goals, because every organization is unique.

Today, we’re comparing Record Validation for Salesforce (RV) with 360 Degree Cloud. Two different solutions, two different approaches. Let’s dig in further and take a look at how each solution can potentially help you in your email data woes.

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Record Validation Overview

Stepping into the world of Plauti, Record Validation emerges as a robust tool, designed to foster connections by validating and formatting email addresses, as well as phone and address fields. RV doesn't just stop at verification and validation, but also helps in slashing data entry time and using automation to ensure the consistent accuracy of your Salesforce records.


  • Quick Entry: Validates and formats data upon entry, augmenting efficiency and accuracy​.
  • Direct Validate: Automatically validates records at the point of entry through API insert or bulk upload.
  • Live validation: RV can be added anywhere on your record page layout, allowing any user to quickly validate email addresses for the record they’re working in.
  • Spam-trap detection – Identify and eliminate any potential spam-traps  
  • DNS check - A DNS check is a process of verifying the correctness and functionality of Domain Name System (DNS) configurations for a domain or network. 


  • Enhanced Deliverability: Ramp up email delivery rates to 97.5% on opt-in lists
  • Spam-trap detection: An essential part of keeping your sender reputation intact
  • Unlimited user seats – Whether everyone in your organization uses RV or only one person- the cost will be the same. RV will allow you to assign unlimited users to access the features of the app.
  • Data entry efficiency – With the use of Quick Entry, records entered or updated on your systems will automatically be checked for quality and truthfulness.


Platform: Like 360 Verify the Emai, Plauti is Salesforce native, and this might be a limitation for organizations looking to enhance their data operations outside Salesforce. If Salesforce is your preferred CRM however, then RV is excellent.


Offers a free trial with 100 credits and a Premium plan starting at $39/month, billed annually. The pricing is structured around a credit system where different types of validations consume varying credits​​.

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360 Verify the Email Overview

360 Verify the Email, a product from 360 Degree Cloud, promises to enhance communication efficacy by validating customer emails directly within Salesforce. Besides email addresses, 360 Verify the Email also performs phone number verification which is pitched as a way to help you increase SMS deliverability – who knew SMS was still a thing in 2023?! In any case, we’ll leave SMS validation to one side today as this article focuses on email validation. Let’s explore some of the features of 360 Verify the Email.


  • Bulk Verification: Verify records in bulk / batch process records.
  • Verification History & Usage Tracking: Get the history of your data cleaning efforts.
  • Domain Verification: Verify the domain existence of email addresses.


  • Data Hygiene: Boasts a remarkable email deliverability rate of 99%, although it’s hard to find a case study to back this up.
  • Salesforce Compatibility: Its close-knit integration with Salesforce makes it a handy tool for Salesforce users.
  • Pardot (Account Engagement): For a business in Salesforce ecosystem, Pardot (Account Engagement), Record Validation is your trusted guardian. Pardot's seamless synchronization with Salesforce ensures that Record Validation meticulously assesses, validates and verifies your data.


  • Limited Information: The details regarding pricing and some core features are not readily available, which may pose a challenge for potential buyers. For instance, what methods does domain verification use? How much does an email validation cost? Without this information, it’s hard for anyone to make a clear assessment of the solution.
  • No spam-trap detection: there is no mention of spam-trap detection by 360 Verify the Email. This is an essential component of any robust email validation solution.
  • Development concerns: the last release date listed on the Salesforce AppExchange is 03/03/2022 – that’s more than 18 months ago. It raises the question as to how active development on this solution is.
  • Lack of recent reviews: besides one review in December 2022, the last review was in 2018. It’s hard to gauge the current sentiment of the solution.


On their website, the cost of the app license is charged separately at a base price of @250 USD/ Org/ year. Credits purchased in any pay-as-you-go although pricing information is not available. However, on the Salesforce AppExchange listing, it states that a basic version comes at $10 USD/user/month. This information does not include an indication of the records that can be validated, nor the cost.

Features comparison

360 Verify the Email vs Record Validation: Data Hygiene

While both tools aim their product at data hygiene, Record Validation takes a step further by offering live validation that can be added to any page a user is working in. Additionally, features like Quick Entry further enhance data entry, making sure records that enter your org via insert or update are always in good order.

360 Verify the Email vs Record Validation: Salesforce Integration

Both products integrate well with Salesforce, but Record Validation offers a more seamless experience with its Direct Validate feature that validates data immediately at the point of entry.

360 Verify the Email vs Record Validation: Spam trap detection

Spam trap detection is crucial as it helps in identifying and avoiding email addresses that are set up to catch spammers, thus improving email deliverability and sender reputation. Record Validation's feature of spam trap detection gives it an edge over 360 Verify the Email. By ensuring emails don't end up in spam traps, Record Validation helps in maintaining a healthy sender reputation, ensuring better email deliverability and engagement, which is vital for successful email marketing campaigns.


While the choice boils down to your business needs, in this comparison it seems that Record Validation is the winner. 360 Verify the Email lacks many key features that RV comes equipped with, such as spam-trap detection, advanced reporting and live validation. On top of that, the pricing structure of 360 Verify the Email is not clearly communicated through their information.

Additionally, the fact that RV comes with unlimited user seats is a powerful “feature” that any organization should factor into their decision-making. On top of the cost of the application, 360 Verify the Email will charge $10 per user / month – if you want to have a handful of users accessing the solution then these costs can pile up.

In wrapping up, email validation is not a one-size-fits-all solution. It's about aligning with a tool that resonates with your organizational needs and amplifies your communication effectiveness. Through the lens of broader validation scope and higher deliverability rates, Record Validation unmistakably takes the lead in this comparative expedition.

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