Run a Flow: Plauti's Swiss Army Knife now has a new feature

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Run a Flow: Plauti's Swiss Army Knife now has a new feature
January 27, 2023
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At Plauti, we are constantly striving to make our platform more accessible and efficient for users. Therefore, we are excited to introduce our newest Data Action Platform action: Run A Flow.

Get maximum value from Salesforce Flows using DAP

Year after year, Salesforce keeps expanding its Flow Automation Suite, as customers widely use the functionality, with more than 1 trillion flow executions per month.

Flows are amazing and powerful and go far beyond the capabilities of what standard DAP Actions can do. However, the options for allocating these Flows to end users are limited, especially if you don't want to have a lot of buttons scattered over different page layouts. In addition, running a flow on a large number of records is a challenging task that a technical user with a deep understanding of Salesforce batching features can only execute.

By introducing this new action, "Run a Flow," in Data Action Platform, administrators can add new Actions to the so-called Action Library. Actions can be based on any auto-launched flow bringing all Flow capabilities to any user in Salesforce – to be executed on single records or a (large) selection of records.

Imagine the possibilities!

Empowering end-users

Using DAP, an Administrator can grant end-users access to an Action Launcher, where they can start data actions that are allocated to them. This feature empowers them to work with data in a way standard Salesforce does not allow them to. For example, allow users to process data by doing a "Mass Update," "Find & Replace," "Set Account Hierarchy," or any of the other standard data actions. By allowing end-users to complete these tasks, they can reduce the workload of a Data Management Team, Data Steward, or Salesforce administrator since they are no longer dependent on them. With the new option to add actions based on any auto-launched flow, the Action Launcher can be a great toolset for any user in Salesforce to work efficiently and be more productive.

Compliance, security, and accountability are taken care of when using DAP.
Any action completed by a user, and every record changed, is tracked in the audit log. This option ensures that data quality is maintained and actions are taken per company policies and procedures.


Nine unique benefits for your company

1. Improve efficiency: Improve the efficiency of your business operations by allowing end-users to start a flow. Reduce the need for manual data entry and other manual tasks.

2. Increase productivity:
Providing end-users the ability to start a flow can increase their productivity by allowing them to execute complex processes and tasks quickly and efficiently.

3. Streamline customer onboarding:
A customer success team can use a Flow action to automate onboarding new customers and decide what the best time is to initiate a process. Ensure that the onboarding process is smooth and efficient.

4. Run processes sequentially:
A data management team can create a custom action based on an auto-launched flow and complete complex tasks in sequence instead of a single task with a standard DAP Action.

5. Empower end-users:
By granting end-users access to the Action Launcher, enable them to complete complex tasks without being dependent on the Administrator or the Data Management Team.

6. Send emails and notifications:
A customer service team can use a custom Flow action to automate sending emails and notifications to customers. e.g., send emails to customers when their orders are shipped or send notifications to team members when a customer raises a support request.

7. Automation:
DAP allows you to automate the execution of your batch flows by scheduling them to run at a specific frequency (such as daily, weekly, or monthly). Save time and effort by automating repetitive tasks, such as updating accounts or emailing customers.

8. Audit and report:
DAP provides an audit log that tracks the execution of your batch flows, including the start and end times and the records that were processed.

9. Security:
DAP provides security controls that allow you to control who can access your batch flows and what actions they can perform. e.g., restrict access to specific flows or limit the number of records users can process simultaneously. Protect your data and ensure security and privacy regulations compliance. Monitor your batch flows and ensure that they are running as intended.

Make data quality less of a hassle

We hope this new feature enhances your data management and allows for easier use of Data Action Platform. Don't hesitate to try it for free if you haven't already; we guarantee that it will make life easier and help you make more accurate decisions faster.

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