Salesforce Address Data - Informatica vs Plauti Record Validation – 2024 Comparison

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Salesforce Address Data - Informatica vs Plauti Record Validation – 2024 Comparison
November 27, 2023
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Ever started baking a cake, following the recipe to the tee, only to realize you forgot a key ingredient only to watch the cake flop? Address data in Salesforce is one of those key ingredients. Get it wrong, and you cake flops. When it comes to address information, you want to make sure it’s as accurate and reliable as possible because wrong address information means missed deliveries, unhappy customers, extra costs and more. Ensuring a timely delivery is the last stage in your customer journey, you’ve done all the hard work getting them to trust you, you don’t want to spoil that now. With address data, there’s no room for guess work. You have to trust that every element is precise and reliable.

In the Salesforce universe, address validation tools are indispensable to organizations who depend on accurate locations for their customers. Two well-known solutions are Record Validation for Salesforce and Informatica Address Doctor. Today, we’re putting them up against each other while we compare their features and abilities to validate and verify Salesforce address data. Is Plauti Record Validation the perfect alternative to Informatica for data validation? Let's find out!

Record Validation Salesforce clean data

TL;DR: This article compares Plauti Record Validation and Informatica Address Doctor for Salesforce address data validation. Plauti excels in Salesforce integration, user-friendliness, and empowerment, while Informatica offers global certification and additional data enrichment but may have a more complex integration process.

Record Validation

Plauti Record Validation is a solution designed to cater to address, email and phone number validation in Salesforce. For address validation, it comes with some powerful features to eliminate bad data entry at the source with real-time alerts, auto-complete suggestions, as well as the ability to enhance data with geocoding and more. Let’s check it out.


  • Address Standardization and Verification: RV not only verifies but also standardizes, cleanses, and formats address data for more than 240 countries and territories, ensuring high accuracy.
  • Auto-suggestion: Simplifying data entry, RV suggests addresses as you type a street name. Selecting a suggested address auto-fills the remaining information, reducing data entry time by 78% and minimizing errors significantly.
  • Geocoding: Enriches address precision by adding geocodes to records.
  • Live Validation: Incorporates RV Live as a Lightning component on record pages to validate addresses across various pages.
  • Direct Validate: Automatically verifies records upon insertion into your Salesforce Org through API or bulk upload, ensuring prompt authentication of incoming data.
  • Transliteration of Global Characters: Transliterates words or letters from different global character sets into Roman characters across eight scripts, including Cyrillic, Hellenic, Hebrew, Kanji, Simplified Chinese, Arabic, Thai, and Hangul.


  • Native Salesforce Integration: Seamlessly integrates with Salesforce, automatically mapping standard address fields.
  • Extensive Geographic Coverage: Covers over 240 countries and territories, similar to DQE.
  • Unlimited Seats: Offers flexibility with unrestricted user access.
  • Enhanced Data Entry Accuracy: Direct Validate and Live Validate features significantly improve accuracy during data entry.


Salesforce Dependency: RV is primarily tailored for Salesforce, which might be a drawback for organizations not reliant on the Salesforce platform.

Pricing Model Complexity: The credit-based pricing model might require some understanding for potential users.


Get hands-on with are trial with 100 credits at your disposal.

Premium Plan: Starts at $39/month billed annually, providing an initial 50,000 credits. Credits are used for validating and formatting addresses and other data fields.

For enterprise packages, please get in touch a Plauti representative.

Informatica logo


Informatica is another well-known suite of data management solutions, including address validation & verification. Their Address Verification solution is based on Address Doctor and claims itself to be the world’s leading solution for certified international address validation, correction, and standardization. It’s a bold claim, but let’s examine their features in more detail.


  • Worldwide Address Verification: Supports 240 countries for address data.
  • Real-time address verification: Like Record Validation, Informatica can provide real-time verification of address information.
  • Transliteration and Character Set Mapping: Supports 40 character sets, aiding in accurate international communications.
  • Enriched Data: Offers additional data enrichment like geocodes and demographic information.


  • Global Certification: Unique postal certifications enhance its reliability.
  • Data Enrichment: Like Record Validation, Informatica can add additional context and accuracy to address data, such as geocodes.


Complexity in Integration: Setting up Informatica Address Doctor might require more effort to integrate into existing systems compared to Record Validation’s Salesforce-centric approach. Their website isn’t too helpful in this regard either. While looking for Informatica’s solution on the AppExchange, you will find “Informatica Customer 360 for Salesforce” and trying to pinpoint and isolate features listed on their website under “address validation” doesn’t align up with the AppExchange listing. On the AppExchange listing, features related to address validation are not present, understanding how the entire solution is implemented is tricky. You are quickly reading technical documents about DaaS and “configuring CC360 settings” – while this is not inherently a bad thing, it's frustrating not to be able to get a clear overview of the Salesforce implementation process. To fully understand the ins and outs of Informatica’s address validation product, you will need to talk with their representatives.


Pricing details for Informatica Address Verification are not readily available on their website, indicating a need for direct contact for pricing information. The AppExchange listing for Informatica Customer 360 starts at $875 for the Base Edition and comes with 1000 records. The AppExchange information doesn’t make it clear whether this is monthly or yearly price, another ambiguity to be aware of.

Comparative section

Informatica vs. Record Validation – integration

Salesforce Integration: Plauti Record Validation excels with its native Salesforce integration, making it a more convenient choice for Salesforce users compared to Informatica's broader but possibly less streamlined integration. Your ultimate match will depend on your current tech stack environment. If you’re still unsure, you can always reach out to an expert at Plauti and discuss your needs further.

Informatica vs Record Validation– user seats

Record Validation offers unlimited user seats, allowing RV's capabilities to expand across your entire organization. This shift in data management approach promotes a broader and collaborative style within the company, fostering teamwork. This distinction is integral to the Plauti culture and is worth embracing. Instead of relying on a select few experts, empowering everyone involved with data enables a proactive approach to handling data across the board.

One notable difference between Informatica and Record Validation lies in RV's Live Validation feature. RV's capability to conduct live validation on any active page sets it apart from Informatica. Although Informatica does offer real-time verification options, the streamlined ability to add Live Validation to any page on in your Salesforce org can significantly enhance the overall data quality but ensuring its accurate capture from the start.


The choice between Informatica Address Validation and Plauti Record Validation will first and foremost hinges on the specific needs or your organization. Naturally, if Salesforce integration and user-friendliness are your priorities, Record Validation seems like the clear way to go. More than that, Plauti offers a completely different approach to data management, unlocking the ability of anyone in your organization to be a part of the good data culture. The more users you can equip with the right tools, the better. On the other side of the argument, if your tech stack relies on systems outside of Salesforce, a broader and requires more customized integrations, Informatica may provide you with more options. While tools offer powerful address validation capabilities, the overall features of Informatica are not as clearly provided as Record Validation. Of course, this may be in part due to the fact that Informatica caters to a broader ecosystem. Always do your own due diligence when examining any solution.

In the end, we always say the best way to learn about anything is to try it out for yourself! Record Validation offers a free 100 credit- trial of RV with no strings attached! Get ahead of your data with Record Validation and feel the difference! 

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