SalesforceBen & Plauti unite to discuss Salesforce Einstein and Data Quality

SalesforceBen & Plauti unite to discuss Salesforce Einstein and Data Quality
November 10, 2023
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Salesforce Einstein and data quality – what’s the link, and why does it matter? Plauti and SalesforceBen joined forces to shed light on this hot debate that’s been taking place in Salesforce conversations for years. This topic has recently heated up with the advent of ChatGPT and we felt an update on this rapidly developing realm of Salesforce was much in need. To bring the most out of this discussion, Plauti thought it was vital to get insight from other knowledge experts in the Salesforce space, and who better to help us tackle this question than the renowned team from SalesforceBen.

In this interactive discussion with Andrew from SalesforceBen, we deep dive into the realm of Data Quality and how it can impact AI driven initiatives, especially Einstein AI for Salesforce -although the principles in this discussion can apply to AI and data quality in a broader sense. This lively and interactive webinar is packed with information as well as live demonstrations of Plauti Data Management in action, showcasing some of the most effective ways you can start to prepare your data for Salesforce Einstein.

If you’ve missed the live webinar – don’t stress, we got you covered. The full discussion is available on the Plauti webinar section, and you can watch it using the link below. So, grab your cup of coffee, tea or whatever gets you revved up! This is a webinar packed with information and knowledge you don’t want to miss!

How to make sure your data is ready for Einstein AI

Does this topic interest you further? Be sure to check out our guide to data quality and AI and join us in a journey into aspect of this topic.

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