DataGroomr vs Duplicate Check for Salesforce: Which is best for you?

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DataGroomr vs Duplicate Check for Salesforce: Which is best for you?
September 21, 2023
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When duplicate records plague your data, things start going downhill. If you’ve faced or currently face this issue in your Salesforce, it’s time to start looking for answers. Unfortunately, dealing with these issues in Salesforce using native features isn’t very feasible, as Salesforce lacks the functionality and flexibility to address the very nuanced realm of data management at scale. To address the shortcomings of the native deduplication features in Salesforce, many contenders have stepped up to the plate in an effort to tackle this problem. When looking at duplicate management solutions on the Salesforce AppExchange Duplicate Check and DataGroomr are names that often appear high on the list. Today, we’re going to put the products side-by-side and consider if Plauti Duplicate Check might be an alternative solution to solve your duplicate data needs. While both solutions offer excellent capabilities to manage and prevent Salesforce duplicates, their methods differ significantly in some key areas. Starting off, let’s check out this table of features for a quick reference to each solution.

Duplicate Check
Dedupe custom object
Live duplicate alerts
1 seat. Cost per additional seat - $500
Automated deduping
Processing options
3 (DC Cloud, SF Native, Local)

DataGroomr Overview

DataGroomr, headquartered in Pennsylvania, entered the Salesforce scene in 2018 and since then have gathered a reputation for their Salesforce duplicate management solution. As a relatively new product on the market, they’ve done a good job emerging amongst other established players such as Plauti Duplicate Check. Their solution promotes the power of machine learning to facilitate data hygiene in Salesforce, and while that sounds promising, is it really the silver bullet to Salesforce data management? More on that later. Let’s first take a more detailed look into their features.


  • Automate tasks – Users can automate ordinary operations such as merging, deleting.
    Import duplicate prevention – DataGroomr will prevent duplicates from entering your Salesforce org when importing files.
  • Validation – DataGroomr “BRUSHR” module gives you capabilities to validate emails, addresses and phone number. (Note, this is an ‘’Add-on” feature at additional cost).
  • Machine learning – DataGroomr uses machine learning to understand and predict what constitutes bad data in your org. This can be helpful over time as the machine learns more about your data behaviors and preferences.

Benefits DataGroomr

  • Machine learning algorithms can reduce the time needed to implement filters, rules and criteria for checking and controlling data quality.
  • A useful feature from DataGroomr (Enterprise version only) is an undo button for merges and deleted records. We’ll discuss this more a bit later.

Cons DataGroomr

The cost per seat is a bit steep, especially if you have several admins or users wishing to use the solution. At Plauti, every license comes with unlimited seats. As these users work with the data the most, we believe empowering them to make data decisions is crucial.

DataGroomr Pricing

Current pricing plans for DataGroomr are as follows:

  • Free 14 day trial with all features. The only limit is that you can only merge up to 25 records.
  • Standard package - $995 per year
  • Professional - $1,995 per year
  • Enterprise - $3,995 per year

    *All prices for up to 100k records and comes with 1 seat. Additional seats at a cost of $500 / seat
No Duplicates vs Plauti Duplicate Check whats the best solution in 20231

Duplicate Check Overview

Next, it’s time to look at Duplicate Check. Duplicate Check is an advanced solution designed to help organizations locate and eliminate duplicate entries in their databases with precision and ease. Duplicate Check is specifically optimized for the Salesforce CRM platform and stands out for its robust duplicate management capabilities, all accessible through a great interface which is intuitive and familiar to any Salesforce user. Don’t underestimate the value of a great user interface that’s friendly to users. With Plauti, the ability for new users to access and utilize data management tools is stressed even further, since Plauti solutions all come with unlimited seats. That means any user in your organization can participate in data hygiene as needed, and this approach to data hygiene is at the core of Plauti’s philosophy. With Plauti, and user can flag a potential duplicate or take corrective actions, if permitted. You can easily restrict or allow any user to access necessary features. This level of customization empowers organizations to create their perfect data-team without any restrictions and tailor the data management process to align precisely with their requirements. Let’s check out some of the features you can expect from Duplicate Check.


  • Set for Merge – Merging can be a daunting process, and perhaps you don’t want every user in your organization to have the ability to merge records. Rather than blocking a user’s ability to merge records outright, Duplicate Check allows users to flag a record for review. Once flagged, administrators can review the record later and decide on the appropriate action.
  • Multiple Merge – Take merging up a notch and merge up to 15 records in a single action.
  • Automation – Duplicate Check can take care of duplicate data while you sleep. Adjust your threshold for detection thresholds and automate batch merges. You can convert these matching records in batch, regardless of the object type. Additionally, you can automatically dedupe Salesforce records that enter Salesforce via API, import, or web to lead.

Benefits Duplicate Check

  • Unlimited seats – As alluded to earlier, the fact that Duplicate Check comes with unlimited seats is a huge pro in Duplicate Checks favor. Not only do additional seat licenses add up on your spending, but you also restrict all the features for Salesforce duplicate management to a select number of users. If you’re going into the battle against duplicate data, why not arm every user in your organization with the most powerful tools. When your organization grows, you won’t have to think about extra costs for additional seats or feel limited by the cost of a seat.
  • Processing options – Duplicate Check is unmatched regarding the flexibility of processing data and is the only solution that gives you the choice between three types of processing options:  
  1. Local machine – use your local machine to run a job 
  2. Salesforce – run a job inside the native Salesforce cloud 
  3. Plauti Cloud – for large jobs and more processing power, run your job in the Plauti cloud. 

Duplicate Check Pricing 

Current Duplicate Check plans and pricing options are as follows: 

  • Free / Free Plus version – Unlimited trial version with some restricted functionality  
  • Advanced – Starting at $588 / year (14-day trial available) 
  • Premium – Starting at $2772 / year (14-day trial available)  
  • Enterprise – Custom price on request 

Duplicate Check vs DataGroomr – Machine Learning vs Human Control

Salesforce data management is a complex and nuanced process that often requires a delicate approach to achieve the best results. While Machine Learning has its promises, you must remember the key word here: learning. All data is unique, and in order any machine learning solution to succeed it will need time to understand your data and habits. In theory, it will get better with time and experience. But how much time? Do you want to take care of duplicate data today with proven success or spend valuable time training the algorithm on your data? Additionally, how does machine learning acquire good habits in database already filled with errors is anyone’s guess. On the other side of the coin, Duplicate Check is highly customizable and allows you to determine your thresholds and create unique filters that address the needs of your data from day one.

Duplicate Check vs DataGroomr – Undo Button

The uses and merits behind an undo button can be debated. One issue is that some changes might involve complex relationships and interactions that the undo button can't adequately revert. In such cases, users might expect the undo button to solve all problems, leading to frustration or confusion where it doesn’t. Additionally, undo can only restore records that are still available in recycle bin and it cannot restore overwritten fields in the master (surviving records). In the end, the safest method for ensuring a complete recovery will be through the use of a back-up solution.

Conclusion – Man vs Machine

Salesforce duplicates are a hinderance to any organization’s ability to effectively utilize their data. Getting on top of duplicate data is often the first step on the path to creating data you can rely on for accurate insights and information about your customers. Plauti Duplicate Check and DataGroomr take different methods to approach this issue and both sides offer pros and cons. With Duplicate Check, the aim is to empower all your users with advanced data management tools to fight duplicates. As they work with the data on a daily basis, they really understand the nuances and quirks of the data, arguably better than a machine can. This is important to think about when considering Duplicate Check as an alternative to DataGroomr.

With DataGroomr, the goal is to delegate more tasks to machine learning. And, while the promise of machine learning is indeed interesting, our experience tells us that data cleansing is a very delicate operation that often needs to be overseen by a human. However, that doesn’t mean everything has to be done manually. Duplicate Check allows you to automate certain data actions based on finely balanced criteria so you can achieve the perfect balance between automation and human oversight.

Still unsure if Plauti Duplicate check is the superior alterative for you needs? Schedule your discovery call today with one of our subject matter experts and discuss your needs further. Alternatively, go ahead and start your FREE trial of Duplicate Check and give it a go! Get access to all features! No credit cards, no hassle!

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