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Data Quality Challenges

■ Duplicate records
■ Outdated data
■ Manual data inserts
■ Data silos with error-prone systems
■ Inconsistent data collection standards
■ Growing complexity from diverse data sources

Data Impact

■ Hindered fraud detection efforts
■ Regulatory non-compliance risks
■ High operational costs
■ Miscalculations in risk assessments
■ Decreased productivity and efficiency
■ Damage to customer experience and reputation

Put an end to bad data in Salesforce

Streamline your workflow with Automation and Enhanced Data Processes.

Automate data processes where possible, leveraging AI​.
Manage multiple and growing data sources​.
Implement comprehensive data quality measures.
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“Without Plauti, a customer 360 view would have been almost impossible to accomplish the way we wanted. That is without trying to code an application or integration ourselves and maintain it. Plauti has set up a great product to make customer data aggregation extremely simple.”
Jeff Ritter
Jeff Ritter Corporate Development, Investments and Strategic Initiatives

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