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Streamlining data integrity: USGBC's journey with deduplication in Salesforce

Streamlining data integrity: USGBC's journey with deduplication in Salesforce

The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) and its community are changing how buildings and communities are designed, built, and operated. They believe in better buildings and places that complement the environment and enhance the communities. Green Building is a win-win, offering both environmental and economic opportunity. USGBC comprises tens of thousands of member organizations, chapters, and students and community volunteers who are moving the building industry forward in a way that has never been seen before.

About The U.S. Green Building Council

Based in the United States, the USGBC champions eco-friendly building practices to foster sustainable environments. Leveraging Salesforce for data management, they've enhanced efficiency with the Duplicate Check tool, addressing data duplication issues. A key initiative is their LEED certification program, setting the benchmark for green building standards globally.

  • Industry: Sustainable Construction
  • Customer since: 2012
  • Use case: Customer data deduplication and consolidation

The challenge of data duplication

USGBC struggled with the consequences of duplicates in their Salesforce database. Data came in directly from their Outlook sync, and users manually entered data information. As a consequence of using several methods for importing data, duplicates were created. They conducted a data dump of all contacts to eliminate duplicates, analyzed the unique MailID, and merged them manually.

Obviously, this method was costing them a lot of time and effort. Poonam Soni, Business Analyst at USGBC: "That is something I would do on my end, but then I would get a lot of requests from other departments. It was very painful to manage this kind of data initially."

Finding the solution: The power of Duplicate Check

Duplicate Check could easily help solve the problem of spending too much time on issues related to duplicates. One of the biggest benefits for USGBC is that they can now run a deduplication job at any specific time with a report ready whenever it is convenient. This means that USGBC can now set up and configure deduplication once and repeat this without doing the same thing every time a merge needs to be performed.

In addition, Duplicate Check allows USGBC to schedule a merge to start automatically after a job without any user intervention. Poonam: "After every monthly job, a merge had to be done manually. I don’t need to take that extra step – that is done by the application now". Last, Duplicate Check saves USGBC a lot of time because duplicates are searched in real-time when opening a record, which also helps them save a lot of time. "Truly speaking, I am not spending any time or effort; all I do is configure it, run it at the end of every month, and the data is clean," Poonam says.

Green buildings data deduplication Salesforce

A leaner, cleaner database

USGBC has been using Duplicate Check for a while and is very happy about it. The requests to merge are down from ten to one per month. This one request is also very easy to deal with, as manual deduplication is not necessary anymore after installing Duplicate Check from the AppExchange.

All in all, installing Duplicate Check has contributed to a more effective and less time-consuming deduplication process. USGBC can now spend its time on completing its mission: a socially responsible, healthy global environment.

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