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April 15, 2024
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Salesforce Data Hygiene

This spring, our latest updates to Plauti's product suite are once again aiming at making Salesforce data management more intuitive and straightforward. Our development teams have been working hard not only to add new functionalities but also to improve our app's user experience. Data Action Platform (DAP) and Duplicate Check (DC), have some brand new feature additions that make it easier to handle data within Salesforce, while Record Validation (RV) has had a thorough UI refresh.

Let's dive into the specifics of these updates and how they're making a difference.

We're excited to announce the arrival of Synonym Matching!

Developed with precision and your feedback in mind, this feature is designed to improve Duplicate Check.

 This upgrade addresses the common issue of synonyms in company names, addresses, and similar fields by allowing users to define and utilize custom lists of synonyms for duplicate checking. For example, companies can now specify that "William" and "Bill" are synonyms, ensuring they score a perfect match when comparing names like "William Thompson" with "Bill Thompson." This capability significantly improves Duplicate Check's ability to spot duplicates based on user-defined criteria, ensuring more accurate and efficient data management.

Discover the latest and greatest to Data Action Platform

Action Grid: A More Flexible Way to Manage Data

The Action Grid feature brings an improved method for managing records directly within Salesforce's list views. It adds functionalities that are reminiscent of spreadsheet applications, like the ability to edit information inline and copy values across rows. This makes data management tasks, from updates to edits, more fluid and reduces the need for constant navigation and clicking.

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Direct Action: Streamlining Automated Workflows

With Direct Action, the process of automating routine data actions has been simplified. This feature

allows for the automatic execution of actions based on specific triggers related to record updates, deletions, and inserts, for example. It's about making the Data Action Platform workflow smoother by cutting down on manual steps and making automation more accessible.

For example, Direct Action can be used for the automatic conversion of leads based on predefined criteria; it can convert a lead automatically if the lead status matches a certain value and the lead score reaches a specified threshold. This ensures timely follow-ups and optimizes the sales process without manual oversight.

Additionally, Direct Action can automatically distribute newly imported records among members of a sales team, ensuring an even workload distribution. This automation helps maintain balance and efficiency within the team, allowing sales personnel to focus on engaging with prospects rather than managing data entry and assignment tasks.

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Rollup Action: Easier Data Aggregation

Rollup Action introduces a straightforward way to aggregate data, allowing users to calculate sums, averages, and counts easily. This can be done not just for directly related records but also for those linked through lookup relationships, and it's designed to work in real-time without requiring any coding skills.

For example, with Rollup Action, you can automatically convert leads when certain conditions are met, such as reaching a specific lead score or updating the lead status. This automatic conversion can streamline the sales process, ensuring timely engagement based on the most current data.

Additionally, Rollup Action can be used to distribute imported records evenly across a sales team. By calculating the number of leads or contacts each team member currently has, Rollup Action can assign new records in a way that balances the workload, enhancing team efficiency and ensuring a fair distribution of potential sales opportunities. This helps maintain team morale and optimize sales efforts.

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Import & Export Macros: Facilitating Workflow Adaptability

Responding to user feedback, the ability to import and export macros has been added. This feature simplifies the process of transferring macros between different environments or sharing them with others, enhancing flexibility and efficiency in managing workflows.

The integration between the Data Action Platform and Duplicate Check ensures that these tools work together smoothly, offering a cohesive data management experience. Plauti offers free trials for both tools, so if you haven't used Duplicate Check or the Data Action Platform, now is a great time to explore these enhancements.

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The latest updates from Plauti bring a series of practical improvements to Salesforce data management.

From the introduction of Synonym Matching in Duplicate Check to the new features in the Data Action Platform, these updates are focused on making data handling within Salesforce more efficient and user-friendly. Whether it's through simplifying data aggregation or making automation more accessible, these enhancements reflect a commitment to improving everyday tasks for Salesforce users.

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