Duplicate Check for Salesforce

Find, clean and prevent duplicates. The most advanced deduplication app that is native to Salesforce.

Cleanse with confidence

Active in more than 17,000 Salesforce orgs
Finding and cleaning duplicates.
Native to the Salesforce ecosystem
Fast setup & no data transfer.
Ready for Large Data Volumes (LDV)
Handles millions of records.
Find all duplicates

The easiest way to dedupe Salesforce. No matter if duplicates are Leads, Contacts, Accounts or any other standard or custom Object. Our 20+ matching algorithms that use exact and fuzzy matching on standard and custom fields, make sure even the most hidden duplicates will be identified. Even if it is cross-object.

“We've been impressed with Plauti's customer support and online documentation. The product has been easy to maintain and very helpful to our efforts to maintain data quality.”
Melissa Manthorne
Melissa Manthorne Salesforce Technical Lead at UMBC
“Love this tool for my clients. Keeps the data really clean, and whenever there's an issue the customer service is so fast and helpful. Highly recommend.”
Jessica Pethick
Jessica Pethick Salesforce Consulting and Founder of Meandr Consulting
Merge and convert dupes however you like it

Control every detail when merging or converting duplicates. Set merge rules that pick the master record and determine which fields should populate the master record. Merge or convert duplicates one by one, merge a selection of records, or go for automated merging based on a duplicate-score threshold.

Automate and save time

Schedule jobs to regularly check for new duplicates and automatically merge or convert duplicates whenever it matches your criteria. Or, go one step further and directly process duplicates as they enter Salesforce. Clean duplicate records coming in via web-to-lead, import or API, in real-time or place them on a list for manual reviewing.

Trusted by top global brands
Empower specific Salesforce users

Duplicate Check alerts Salesforce users in real-time when they’re creating a new duplicate. Instead of blocking the creation of a dupe, let them directly clean the duplicate or report the duplicates for manual review. For existing records, users see in real-time if there are duplicates. And again, they can choose to directly merge, convert or flag them.

Flexible and extensible

Next-level duplicate management — customize or use all of Duplicate Check’s capabilities for your projects in- and outside Salesforce through the Apex API, Rest API, Duplicate Check Flow Actions or the SFDX plugins.

Don’t just take our word for it.
"I really like the flexibility. It gives us exactly what we need without having to build, test, and maintain a large codebase."
Anuj Kapoor
Senior Project Director at EF Education First
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"Plauti has set up a great product to make customer data aggregation extremely simple."
Jeff Ritter
Head of Corporate Development at Cumberland Mutual
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