Duplicate Check for Microsoft Dynamics 365

The quickest and simplest way to dedupe Dynamics 365.

Cleanse with confidence

Active in more than 17,000 CRMs
Finding and cleaning duplicates.
Native to the Dynamics 365 ecosystem
Fast setup & no data transfer.
Ready for Large Data Volumes (LDV)
Handles millions of records.
Save time with Duplicate Jobs

Identify duplicate records within any entity easily through a batch job, regardless of the entity's record count. You can review and manage the duplicates directly within Dynamics 365. Benefit from Duplicate Job's very easy handling of very large data volumes.

Find all duplicates

The easiest way to dedupe Dynamics 365. No matter if duplicates are in Leads, Contacts, Accounts or any other standard or custom Entity. Our matching algorithms that use exact and fuzzy matching on standard and custom fields, make sure even the most hidden duplicates will be identified.

Merge dupes with ease

Keep control when merging duplicates. Merge duplicates one by one or merge a selection of up to 15 records at the same time. You can make decisions in what to merge, and have the option to override a certain value with a custom value.

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