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Find duplicates

Approximately 25% of your records are duplicates. Use Duplicate Check to find duplicates in Lead, Contact, and Account Entities and in all other standard and custom Entities. Our selection of matching types empowers you with both exact and fuzzy matching algorithms optimized for specific fields, like email, phone, and person names.

Prevent duplicates

Once your Dynamics 365 is clean, you don't want duplicates to return. Duplicate Check alerts your users in real-time when they manually enter a record that already exists and checks all inserted records for duplicates. Duplicate Check directly merges or lists the dupe for manual verification instead of blocking the creation of a dupe.

Clean your Dynamics 365

Run and schedule jobs to check your Dynamics 365 database for duplicates. You have finely-grained control over how to process found dupes: merge them one by one, merge a selection, or automatically merge above a threshold you set.

Process Large Data Volumes

There are several methods of execution available depending on the requirements of a job. Use Duplicate Check Local to leverage the power of your local machine and keep data within your environment. Alternatively, harness the power of Plauti Cloud for even faster processing and larger jobs without the need to keep a local machine running. Plauti Cloud introduces some neat new possibilities, such as collaborating on jobs.