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Salesforce Data Management Solutions

Plauti offers a broad range of native data management solutions for Salesforce. All solutions give end-users, admins, and developers powerful options to improve data quality and are extensible through a complete API and Flow Actions library.

The complete & native data quality management suite

Plauti Data Management

Plauti data management (PDM) enables a unified and trusted customer 360 in Salesforce by deduplicating, consolidating, formatting, validating, and mass editing siloed customer data.

  • Native to Salesforce
  • Large Data Volume (LDV) ready
  • AppExchange Program Partner
  • 1500+ clients

Find, prevent and merge duplicate records

Duplicate Check

Find, clean and prevent duplicates. The most advanced duplicate management native to Salesforce.

  • Large Data Volume Proof
  • Flexible and Extensible
  • 100% Native Force.com
  • No. 1 Data Cleansing App on the AppExchange

Format and validate email, phone, and address fields

Record Validation

Contacting your leads and customers is the number one requisite for successful marketing and sales campaigns. By validating and formatting your email, phone number, and address fields, you will decrease bounce rates, increase delivery rates, introduce new segmentation options and reduce data entry time.

  • Reduce failed deliveries
  • Enter records faster
  • Salesforce Native application
  • Live, batch and automatic validation
  • Worldwide coverage

Handle data manipulation in single action executions!

Data Action Platform

Save tons of time and boost productivity with the most complete bulk data action solution for Salesforce. No more switching between multiple apps, components or the time-intensive use of Data Loader, but a single solution, backed by a highly configurable and secure framework.

  • Boost productivity with bulk actions
  • Improve your RevOps capabilities
  • Create custom actions fast with a secure and auditable platform
  • Turn end-users into power users
  • Conform to internal security & compliance requirements