Product Update: Record Validation - Geocodes Demo

Ruben van de Kamp
Written by Ruben van de Kamp in Webinars
October 11, 2023
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New to Record Validation or a longtime user? Either way, our platform continues to evolve. Let's navigate together through the fresh, innovative features we've meticulously crafted to enhance your experience.

  • Geocode enrichment: Advancing data precision further than ever before. Users can now:
  • Add latitude & longitude: Understand not just where an address is but its exact geolocation with enriched geocode details.
  • Database enhancement: Store these geocode-enriched addresses in your database for better accuracy and richer data insights.

But that's not all! Dive deeper into our Release Notes for a comprehensive breakdown of all the new features and updates. Explore the Release Notes now.

More insights await! You're currently viewing Part 2 of our two-part Product Update Webinar from October 2023. To get the full picture, click here to revisit Part 1.

New here? Welcome aboard!

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