The 4 Best Duplicate Checking Solutions on Salesforce AppExchange in 2024?

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The 4 Best Duplicate Checking Solutions on Salesforce AppExchange in 2024?
February 28, 2023
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TL;DR: This article explores the issue of duplicate data in Salesforce and reviews the top duplicate checking solutions for 2023, including Duplicate Check, DataGroomr, Cloudingo, and No Duplicates. It highlights features, user access, and data volume considerations and also include a table compare the features of these solutions.

Every company has ‘’bad apples’’ in its data. It could be outdated records, duplicate records, or even worse – flawed or incorrect data. If your company is using Salesforce, then you’re aware that managing a growing number of records can be tricky and time consuming. Not only does it take up time, but poor data quality can also negatively affect your companies' activities aimed at growth. Duplicate data is one of the biggest problems in data quality, and to get on top of it, you need a duplicate checking solution that matches your companies' unique needs. To help you along your path to discovering the right fit for you, here are the top solutions of 2023 with the pros and cons of each. If you're looking for an alternative duplicate checking solution, this article is just for you!

Top Duplicate Management solutions for Salesforce:

  1. Duplicate Check for Salesforce
  2. DataGroomr
  3. Cloudingo
  4. No Duplicates

1. Duplicate Check

Duplicate Check is a top-notch solution for deduping your Salesforce records. It’s one of the top-rated solutions on the Salesforce AppExchange and also scores high on the G2 ratings website. Additionally, it is 100% Salesforce native. Listed below are some of the main features of Duplicate Check.

Plauti DC

Features & benefits:

  • Unlimited user access – DC offers an unlimited number of users who can use the application. This is a very big bonus since the people who work with the data the most often know best how to correct bad data.
  • End-user capabilities – There are capabilities available specifically for end-users so you can tailor the needs of your organisation. For instance, perhaps you don’t want end users to have the ability to merge duplicate accounts. Instead, set their permissions so that they can flag an account for merge, which can later be done by your administrator.
  • Fuzzy matching – You can scan duplicate records by using advanced fuzzy matching methods. This helps you detect records with spelling errors and typos, or company names written in different formats, for instance. Of course, exact matching is also possible.
  • Advanced Integration – When performing integration, you have an advanced and customizable set of rules available. From Apex plugins, flow actions, Lighting Components and more. Plauti leads the way when it comes to integration, with access to various API’s and customisation options.
  • Salesforce native – Duplicate Check is designed from the ground-up to run 100% native inside Salesforce, so all data stays inside your environment.
  • Rest API – Plauti DC provides an API solution which gives you the ability to push and pull the data from external systems. This is handy if you’re using legacy systems in your environment as you’ll be able to link them with Duplicate Check.
  • Process Large Data Volumes - Duplicate Check has proven to work with millions of records. Another powerful feature is that you can leverage your own hardware to enhance the processing abilities of DC, meaning you can have your duplicate results for larger jobs much faster.
  • Automation – Using the rest API, you can process incoming records directly.
  • Excellent Customer Support – Plauti is ranked very high for their outstanding customer support. With response times inside half an hour, rest assured you’re in good hands with Plauti support.

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2. DataGroomr

DataGroomr is a powerful duplicate checking software that makes use of machine learning to eliminate bad data. The fact that it uses machine learning makes this solution interesting and sets it apart from the others. Here are some of the highlights of DataGroomr.


Features & benefits:

  • No need for filters – Identify duplicates without using a filter. Whenever you merge duplicates, the software is learning from your actions and improving itself using its machine learning abilities.
  • Lightning Component – See duplicates when you’re in Salesforce with a lightning component that can be added to any record page layout.
  • Import abilities – The “Importr” feature checks data on import files against existing Salesforce data and stops duplicates from being imported.
  • Auditing – See a full list of all actions taken by DataGroomr using its auditing feature.
  • Automating — You can automate actions like verify, merge, convert and others easily.
  • Machine Learning — As mentioned, this solution makes use of machine learning and therefore it can learn and adapt to your processes as you use it. This may help speed up some processes.

3. Cloudingo

Cloudingo is another well known tool for taking control of duplicate records. It’s worth noting to make the most of this products deduplication functions you will need the paid version of Cloudingo. Additionally, Cloudingo is not Salesforce native. That said, examine some of the features and benefits of this solution.


Features & benefits:

  • Find duplicates – Cloudingo scans your entire Salesforce org for matches. The results are shown on a single dashboard which makes it easier to view and take control of the results.
  • Matching duplicates – You can match records based on user-defined values which use a combination of Salesforce fields using exact, fuzzy or matching styles.
  • Import and Update – Match records on import files against current Salesforce records so no duplicates enter your records.
  • Sync and Integrate – Cloudingo’s API gives you the ability to sync and identify master records between Salesforce, Salesforce integrations and other on-premises or cloud applications.
  • Process large sets of data – Up 50k records can be processed.

4. At Home - No Duplicates

No Duplicates is one of the newer duplicate checking tools for Salesforce. It’s free (during beta period) and it’s hard to argue with something that’s free. It’s also native to Salesforce. Let’s look at some of the other features.

No Duplicates

Features & benefits:

  • Free – During the beta phase you can use No Duplicates for free – hard to beat that!
  • Good interface – The interface is intuitive and makes its functions learning easy.
    Salesforce Native – As a native Salesforce solution all your data is processed within your own environment.
  • Fuzzy Matching – No Duplicates has fuzzy matching abilities so it will catch simple data errors like typos, for instance.
  • Scheduling – Schedule deduplication processes so you can perform heavy duty tasks on weekends of after office hours.
  • Custom Objects – Besides traditional objects you can also run tasks on custom objects.

How to choose the right solution for your company

Although all the solutions mentioned in this post are viable solutions, every company has different needs and therefore finding the best for your company is what matters most.

One key thing to consider in this process is how many users need to access the duplicate management tool. It might be that you only require a couple of users to manage duplicate records, in which case having unlimited user access won’t be a big factor for you. However, if you’d like you whole sales team to be able to access some features of data cleaning, then having unlimited user access is a great benefit.

At Plauti, we believe that since the sales, marketing and customer support teams are often the ones working hands-on with the duplicates, they know best how to deal with them. Not only does it save time, but it allows them to be active members in keeping clean data. You can also customize these features so that certain privileges, such as merging, are not available to certain groups.

The size of your Salesforce org is another key factor when deciding what duplicate management system is the best for you. If you are a large company with hundreds of thousands, or perhaps even millions of records, Duplicate Check is the definite choice as it can process millions of records and can even be sped up by using company hardware to perform the task. If you are a smaller organization with only a couple thousand records, then Cloudingo DupeCatcher will work fine.

The 4 Best Duplicate Checking Solutions on Salesforce App Exchange in 2023

To conclude this article, it’s worth pointing out that there is no ‘’silver bullet” solution that will fit the needs of every company in every situation. Instead, deciding on the right solution involves carefully examining the criteria of each solution and deciding which one fits the needs of your company best, almost like finding a shoe that fits you comfortably. Additionally, duplicate prevention is a critical aspect of any solution. For instance, While No Duplicates can detect duplicate data, it is limited in preventing duplicate data for occurring. On the other hand, Plauti Duplicate Check offers advanced prevention features, such as live alerts to users who are creating duplicate records. You can also customize how these situations are dealt with.

If you’re looking into duplicate management solutions and would like to learn more about how Plauti DC can help your organization, you can download a free trial and test it out for yourself. To help you get the best results, get in touch with one of subject experts at and they’ll help you set up and tailor Duplicate Check to meet the specific goals of your organization.

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