Data Action Platform introduces “Ask ChatGPT”

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Data Action Platform introduces “Ask ChatGPT”
August 11, 2023
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Unleashing the power of AI in Salesforce

We're thrilled to introduce a revolutionary new feature in our Data Action Platform (DAP) — the "Ask ChatGPT" action. This pioneering feature integrates the capabilities of OpenAI's GPT-3 or GPT-4 directly into any Salesforce workflow, unlocking a new dimension of artificial intelligence for your daily operations.

How it works

The "Ask ChatGPT" DAP Action is designed to offer flexibility and adaptability in its usage, offering two distinct modes of operation.

Ask ChatGPT for end-users:

The "Ask ChatGPT" action, accessible through the Action Launcher, is readily available to users with the necessary permissions. This feature enables users to craft their own unique prompts and configure the field in which the response should be stored. A unique part of this feature is its ability to utilize field variables from any Salesforce object for which the action is initiated. This offers highly adaptable AI interactions, enabling the integration of actual Salesforce data into the dialogue with GPT. By doing so, users can extract valuable insights and advice based on their data, thus enhancing the depth of their analysis and decision-making process. For instance, an account manager using the Account object might create a prompt like, “How could the company {!AccountName}, which is located in {!BillingCity} ({!BillingCountry}) benefit from improved data quality in Salesforce?”. The response will be stored in a dedicated field in the record and can be an inspiration for future communication with the customer.

Macros & Automation:

In addition to the interactive user mode, the "Ask ChatGPT" action can be pre-configured as a Macro by admins. In this mode, the prompt and the field for storing the AI's response are pre-set. This Macro can be integrated into any Salesforce workflow, allowing its execution across various scenarios - be it by users through List Views, in (scheduled) batch jobs, from Salesforce Flows, or directly from Apex.

Deciding in what form to process the AI response

In addition to storing responses in a specific field, by implementing “Ask ChatGPT” in a Salesforce class, you can also create or update other standard or custom objects based on the AI's response. This could include creating a new Task, adding a Note, sending an Email Message, generating a description for an Event, adding a note to an Opportunity or Contact, creating Knowledge Articles, or even creating Chatter posts. The possibilities are vast and limited only by the boundaries of your Salesforce configuration and your imagination.

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Use cases to explore

  • Leads: Lead Qualification and Prioritization: Automate the qualification and prioritization process of incoming leads. The "Ask ChatGPT" action can use data from each Lead record to generate a qualification score or priority level, which is then stored directly in a field on the Lead record. This way, your sales team can focus their efforts on the most promising leads.
  • Accounts: Account Health Score: Generate an "Account Health Score" based on the data within each Account record. The AI could analyze factors such as recent activity, the number of open cases, or the length of the relationship to produce a score that helps account managers prioritize their efforts.
  • Cases: Let ChatGPT interpret a Case by studying its Subject and Description and assign the Case to the department that is best for answering that specific question.
  • Cases: Automated Case Summaries: Automate the generation of case summaries. The "Ask ChatGPT" action can generate a concise summary of each Case's issue and resolution based on the data in the Case record. This can be stored in a new "Summary" field on the Case object, providing a quick reference for support agents and managers.
  • Contacts: Organize your Contacts by segmenting them to Departments, using ChatGPT to interpret the Job Title and make an educated guess to which department the job title belongs to.
  • Opportunities: Opportunity Win Probability: Use the "Ask ChatGPT" action to calculate an "Opportunity Win Probability". The AI can analyze various data points from an Opportunity record, such as deal size, competition, and interaction history, and generate a probability score that helps salespeople prioritize and strategize their efforts.


The "Ask ChatGPT" feature is now available in Data Action Platform. To run this action, customers simply need to open up a paid subscription with OpenAI and generate a API key.

We are excited to see the innovative ways our customers will leverage these powerful new features. Stay tuned for more updates and features as we continue to enhance the Plauti Data Action Platform. We remain committed to providing you with the most versatile, powerful, and user-friendly tools for managing your Salesforce data.

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