Data Quality Validation: Plauti Record Validation vs. ProvenWorks AddressTools for Salesforce in 2024

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Data Quality Validation: Plauti Record Validation vs. ProvenWorks AddressTools for Salesforce in 2024
November 28, 2023
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TL;DR: This article compares Plauti Record Validation and ProvenWorks AddressTools for Salesforce address data validation. Plauti provides seamless integration, real-time validation, and flexible pricing, while ProvenWorks focuses on territory management.

Validating addresses is crucial for effective data management, especially in Salesforce. In the fast-paced world of online commerce, accurate address data is essential to avoid costly complications and delays in delivery. As businesses adapt to the growing trend of online shopping, the challenge lies in managing the influx of data from various sources like web forms, emails, and live chat. Manual validation becomes impractical due to the lack of adherence to standards, resulting in abundant errors.

With countless solutions available, choosing the right one can be overwhelming. In this article, we'll compare two prominent options—ProvenWorks AddressTools and Plauti Record Validation—to help you make an informed decision tailored to your organizational needs. Let's start by exploring Record Validation.

Record Validation Salesforce clean data

Record Validation

Plauti Record Validation offers a tailored solution for validating addresses, emails, and phone numbers within Salesforce. Its streamlined address validation component boasts robust features aimed at enriching and correcting address data input at source, providing real-time alerts, autocomplete suggestions, the capability to populate data with geocodes and other advanced functionalities. Let's explore its capabilities.


  • Quick Entry: Enhances data entry speed and accuracy by formatting, verifying & validating addresses upon record insertion or updating of a Salesforce record​​.
  • Direct Validate: Automatically validates & verifies records entered through API insert or bulk upload, ensuring immediate data integrity​​.
  • Address Validation: Offers extensive validation for over 240 countries, including geocode addition for improved address accuracy​​.
  • Batch Validation: Enables the validation of all existing records within Salesforce, with an easy-to-use interface for managing validation results​​.
  • Live Validation: A Lightning component for real-time validation of address (as well as email and phone) values​​ on any Salesforce page


  • Integration with Salesforce: Record Validation offers seamless integration with Salesforce, eliminating the need for data exports and imports for validation purposes​​.
  • Flexibility and Extensibility: It provides APIs and Flow Actions to integrate Record Validation into custom processes, catering to diverse business needs​​.
  • Live feedback: Record Validation provides real-time and live validation features that prevent the input of poor data.
  • Global overage of over240 countries – whether you need to validate & verify address data in New York or Timbuktu, Record Validation has you covered and even provide geocodes.


Limited to Salesforce: Its utility is primarily focused on Salesforce environments, which might not cater to businesses using different CRM systems.


Free Trial: Offers a free trial with 100 credits for validation purposes​​.

Premium Plan: Starts at $39/month, billed annually, beginning with 50,000 credits. Credits are consumed for various validation tasks​​.

Enterprise Plan: Customizable plans for unlimited checks, tailored to specific business needs​​.

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ProvenWorks was started in 2008 in Reading, London, UK and offers AddressTools, a Salesforce address validation solution that emphasizes the improvement of territory management and reduction in delivery failures through enhanced address data. They’re product has a good reputation and it come armed with some excellent features designed to enhance address data in Salesforce. Let’s take a closer look at ProvenWorks and see what they offer.


  • Global Address Verification: Enhances territory management and reporting through typeahead suggestions and scheduled address verification​​.
  • Advanced Validation Rules: Uses flexible validation rules with Country, State, and US ZIP values for improved data entry accuracy​​.
  • Interactive Data Entry: Features user-friendly interactivity, optimizing workflow with various lookup and verification tools​​.


  • Support for Custom Objects and Fields: It supports custom objects and text fields, enhancing its adaptability within Salesforce​​.
  • Interactive data entry: Like Record Validation, AddressTools can offer real-time feedback about address information which can drastically reduce errors in updating or adding new address information.


  • While AddressTools promises an easy and seamless integration, experience reveals this is not always the case with a complex Salesforce environment. To really understand to true complexity of integration you would need to contact ProvenWorks.


Base Pricing: Starts at $2,000 USD per organization per year for up to 50 users. Additional credits for global premise-level address verification start at $825 USD​​ for 5,000 credits.

Comparative Analysis: Record Validation vs. AddressTools

Direct Validate vs. Advanced Validation Rules

Record Validation’s Direct Validate feature automatically validates records right at the point of entry, such as web to lead, ensuring immediate data accuracy​​. AddressTools on the other hand, with its advanced validation rules also focuses on improving data at the point of entry, but it might require more configuration compared to Record Validations native integration​​.

User adoption

AddressTools pricing is based on an organization of 50 people or less, so how the pricing changes for organizations larger than 50 is not clear. Additionally, unless you have the unlimited license which costs over $15,000, you will have to pay additional cost of $15 / year for every licensed Salesforce user in your company. This is a definite downside compared to Record Validation which offers unlimited seat on every version – even the free version. In fact, every solution from Plauti comes with unlimited seats, so you’ll never worry about additional licenses for more users now or in the future.

Record Validation or AddressTools?

When choosing between Record Validation and AddressTools, the decision largely depends on the specific needs and workflows of your Salesforce environment. One thing worth bearing in mind is that Record Validation is part of a wider suite of data management solutions from Plauti that is aimed at taking all aspects of your data quality to a higher level. The beauty of Record Validation is that is seamlessly and natively integrates with all other Plauti modules, forming a robust, comprehensive and well-rounded approach to data management. For instance, Record Validation together with Duplicate Check not only ensure that your data is validated, verified and formatted, but also free of duplicate information.

For a company with heavy Salesforce adoption, Record Validation shines with its seamless integration, real-time validation capabilities, as well as its flexible pricing options, making it an excellent choice for efficient and accurate data validation. ProvenWorks, while robust and versatile, might be more suited for organizations requiring advanced customization and flexibility in their Salesforce setup.

In the end, we always remind our readers that the best way to see if a solution aligns with your requirements and lives up to its promises is to experience it firsthand. Plauti offers a risk and hassle-free, 14-day trial of Record Validation, allowing you to take control of your data and witness the capabilities of Record Validation yourself. Seize the opportunity today and explore the power of Record Validation today.

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