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Speeding up lead scrubbing in finance

Speeding up lead scrubbing in finance

Firma Foreign Exchange is about knowledge and relationships, not just trading currency. Firma goes above and beyond to serve the clients – they put the world's currency to work, how the clients want, when the clients want, no matter where their money is going. The best thing about Firma is that the desire to make a difference is at the heart of their culture. One team, working towards better outcomes for their customers.

Firma FX uses Salesforce as a CRM, and it is used as a sales forecasting tool by the sales and sales support department. All the important customer data is stored in Salesforce, so the concept of security is fundamental to the company. Patricia Heintz, System Support Lead, maintains and supports the Salesforce structure for the company. She designs the most effective and secure CRM for her business.


Firma FX works with a Private sharing model, which means that the records are only visible and accessible for the owner of the record. Other users are not able to find or see any records but their own. This makes the data very protected and secure, but the downside is that users were unaware if they were creating a duplicate. Firma FX noticed many reported cases of existing clients being contacted for first-time sales since other offices couldn’t search the global database. To solve this issue, Patricia started searching for a solution that allowed her users to not only get a notification of the fact that they were creating a duplicate but also to see more detailed information about the existing record, such as the current known contact details or the owner of the record.


During her search, Patricia found many solutions both internal to Salesforce and in the AppExchange. The majority of built-in solutions could not help her solve her problem because they could not go beyond the private sharing rules. This means that most of the solutions could detect duplicates if a user tried to create one, but it would not show any further information.

Duplicate Check gave Patricia the solution she was looking for. It allows her to expose fields from a record of her choosing without modifying the basic security structure. This allows her and her colleagues to compare a newly created record with existing record data and decide on the record they are about to create. All this, without granting the user more access than is needed. It might sound difficult, but for Patricia, the installation was done very easily. The application was accessible swiftly, and the settings needed to suit her requirements were easily done. The support team was accommodating, “They wanted to sell me the products I actually needed, instead of upselling advanced features.”

“ It used to take me three days of work to import, clean and assign thousands of leads. With Duplicate Check, I have those leads processed in hours. ”
Pattie Milner Application Systems Analyst


The situation of Firma FX has changed a lot. One of the main reasons for using Salesforce was to globally search all clients to make sure existing contacts are not contacted again. Now, with Duplicate Check installed, Firma FX is finally able to really do this while keeping their desired security, something they were not able to do without Duplicate Check. Patricia: “I can guarantee it has improved my work, but it has for sure improved the quality of work for my users.” In addition, Duplicate Check worked exactly as expected. After a while of use, Patricia even discovered new features that she can put to use regularly.

Patricia’s favorite feature is the Quick Merge feature. The Quick Merge option is reliable and efficient for many duplicate jobs and saves loads of time. Especially since in the beginning, when data was rolled out to Salesforce from a different CRM, there were thousands of duplicates. The Quick Merge gave the ability to get rid of all these duplicates very fast.

All in all, there is one clear reason why Patricia would recommend Duplicate Check to others: “The service this company provides is excellent. At no point did I feel like I had made a bad investment. The Duplicate Check staff was always accessible for any of my questions or concerns, giving me the stability during the Salesforce rollout.”

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