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Brushing up business: Precision Painting Plus's Salesforce transformation

Brushing up business: Precision Painting Plus's Salesforce transformation

Precision Painting Plus is a New York-based painting contractor. The company performs home improvement services, including painting, wallpaper, carpentry, and flooring. Quality and customer service are of great importance to the company. Precision Painting Plus focuses mostly on housing but also targets businesses. The company is still growing and looking to expand even more. Precision Painting Plus relies on Salesforce for its full end-to-end business process, making it an important tool for running their business.

About Precision Painting Plus

Precision Painting Plus is a painting company focused on delivering stress-free, cost-effective projects with a commitment to premium quality, honesty, and punctuality. Starting with a team of professional painters, it has grown to serve multiple regions, including Long Island, NYC, and beyond, offering a wide range of home services .

  • Industry: Home Improvement and Painting Services
  • Customer since: 2015
  • Use case: Customer data deduplication and consolidation

The main issue for Precision Painting Plus has to do with the fact that a large amount of their business is based on repeat customers. These customers often call the company with questions or to update an appointment. At Precision Painting Plus, Leads come in via the call center, where agents use a CTI (Computer Telephony Integration, a piece of Salesforce Software). However, the team found that the outsourced call center did not take the time to search for the customers before converting incoming Leads into Opportunities and Accounts or their Custom Objects. This meant that when a customer would call back, the call center agents would not look up information about the customer first.

Katie Batilla, Salesforce Administrator at Precision Painting Plus, noticed, "We would have one customer calling back to update an appointment or something, and they (the call center agents) would just rebook into a new Opportunity or Account.”

This obviously resulted in many duplicate records but also negatively affected the field users at the company. For example, it affected their reporting in a negative way and “It just clogged the pipeline – it made it harder for them to find the correct opportunity that they should be working on,” Katie says.

The challenge of duplicate strokes

Katie and her colleagues started looking for a solution in the AppExchange. Katie: “We needed to deduplicate more than just the Lead, Contact, and Account object. We needed way more than that – Opportunities, even some Custom Objects”. This meant that the standard Salesforce deduplication tool was insufficient to solve their problem. In Duplicate Check, they found exactly what they were looking for.

The Cross Object Matching feature allows them to search for duplicates between different objects. One of the most important qualities of Duplicate Check is the fact that it is highly customizable. Precision Painting Plus uses Duplicate Check’s Apex API to use it in their search function on the customized VisualForce page. This means that their users never feel that they are leaving their Salesforce environment, which makes the application very user-friendly.

“ It’s been more reliable reporting on opportunities and accounts. ”
Katie Batilla Salesforce Administrator at Precision Painting Plus

Choosing the right palette: Finding the perfect deduplication tool

With Duplicate Check implemented, two major improvements can be seen in the company. Call center agents no longer have to search for duplicates anymore. Whenever they type in a name in Salesforce, they are automatically warned if they create a duplicate. This means that no new duplicates can enter Salesforce from this channel. Another major improvement has been the accuracy of the reporting. “It’s been more reliable reporting on opportunities and accounts,” Katie says.

Another positive side effect that she noticed is that there are a lot fewer complaints coming in from the field about the records, saving her lots of time. The amount of requests for merging or deleting excess opportunities has significantly decreased. Lastly, the field users at Precision Painting Plus now find it much easier to find the opportunity that they are working on and optimize the conversion rates. Duplicate Check has made working in Salesforce a lot easier, more user-friendly, and less time-consuming for everybody in the company.

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