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Scoring clarity: Chicago Fire FC's game plan to outplay data duplicates

Scoring clarity: Chicago Fire FC's game plan to outplay data duplicates

Where heart meets hustle, the Chicago Fire FC emerges as a fusion of sportsmanship, technology, and community vitality. A distinguished name in Major League Soccer, the club's prowess is not confined to the field. It extends to innovative fan engagement and operational efficiency powered by Salesforce. This CRM platform transcends its digital boundaries, becoming the pulsating heart at the core of their mission to blend the thrill of soccer with the rhythms of a healthy, active lifestyle.

For Chicago Fire FC, soccer is more than a game—it drives community health and engagement. Through Salesforce, they artfully manage ticket sales and partnerships, enhancing fan experiences and fostering a lifestyle full of vitality.

Keeping data as sharp as the gameplay on the field is a crucial strategy for success. Imagine creating an environment where each fan feels uniquely recognized – that's the magic of Duplicate Check. It's about slicing through the confusion of duplicate data to ensure every interaction, every ticket, and every cheer resonates personally, crafting perfect moments of connection.

About Chicago Fire FC

Chicago Fire FC, established in 1997 and based at Soldier Field in Chicago, Illinois, is a professional soccer team in the USA's Major League Soccer (MLS). The club is notable for its significant fan engagement and historical achievements, including the MLS Cup victory shortly after its inception. They actively compete in MLS, US Open Cup, and various friendlies, with recent matches reflecting a dynamic presence in the league.

  • Industry: Sports (Professional Soccer)
  • Customer since: 2020
  • Use case: Marketing management, customer data deduplication, and consolidation.

The Challenge: Managing Growing Data Complexity

Chicago Fire FC's rising popularity brought a surge in data complexity and volume within Salesforce, involving diverse sources like ticketing, corporate deals, fan surveys, and app notifications. Jacob, CRM Analyst at Chicago Fire FC, describes the challenge: "Right from the start, our database expanded so quickly, making it tough to ensure accuracy, especially with Salesforce's existing rules. We encountered issues with data arriving from different sources, leading to duplicates. For instance, someone might register on our ticketing site with one email and then use a different one for a survey, creating multiple Salesforce profiles for a single person."

This situation underscored the necessity of real-time data accuracy and seamless management to prevent duplicate records and fragmented fan profiles. Moreover, the club navigated the intricacies of merging data from various systems, each with its unique format. Overcoming these hurdles was crucial to maintain a strong bond with their fans.

With their growth, Chicago Fire FC seized the opportunity to enhance data handling. With their expanding presence, they upgraded their data management practices and recognized the need for an evolved system. This proactive approach ensured their growing fan base and partners felt continuously valued and closely connected.

Introducing Duplicate Check: A Game Changer for Data Management

In their quest to find an effective solution for their growing data management challenges, Chicago Fire FC turned to Plauti's Duplicate Check. This powerful tool promised not only to address their immediate needs but also to streamline their Salesforce data processes, including the ability to merge cases in Salesforce. By integrating this feature, Duplicate Check provided an efficient and user-friendly way to handle the complex task of consolidating overlapping or duplicate case records, further enhancing the club's data management capabilities.

Harnessing the Power of Scheduled Jobs and Plauti Cloud Integration

Duplicate Check's standout capabilities, notably its scheduled jobs feature and seamless integration with Plauti Cloud, significantly transformed Chicago Fire FC's data management in Salesforce. Tailoring to varied business needs, Duplicate Check offers a range of features from detailed manual tasks to time-saving automation, ensuring each business can find its perfect fit.

With noticeable enthusiasm, Jacob shared his positive experience: “I’m a huge fan of the scheduled jobs and Plauti Cloud integration. It allows for automatic deduplication processes, which are essential for us. Using Plauti Cloud for scheduled jobs means I don’t have to set them up manually. I know everything will run perfectly by the time I come back the next day.”

Scheduled Jobs:

  • Automated Deduplication: This feature automates the identification and merging of duplicate records, shifting from manual efforts to a more efficient, system-driven approach. This automation was key to streamlining operations and maintaining data integrity.
  • Operational Efficiency: The automated data management significantly saved time, allowing the club to focus more on strategic initiatives and improve overall operational effectiveness.

Plauti Cloud Integration:

  • Robust Data Management: Integrating with Plauti Cloud provided a more powerful and adaptable platform, enhancing the club's capability to manage diverse and complex data.
  • Streamlined Processes: This integration made the deduplication process smoother and more efficient, effectively managing data from various sources and ensuring consistent data quality.

Duplicate Check's features enabled a proactive approach to data management, effectively addressing the club's specific challenges and transforming Salesforce data management from a cumbersome task to a streamlined, automated process.

“ I'm a huge fan of the scheduled jobs and Plauti Cloud integration. It allows for automatic deduplication processes, which are essential for us. ”
Jacob Knoerl
Jacob Knoerl CRM Analyst at Chicago Fire FC

The Results: Dramatic Improvements in Data Management

Integrating Plauti's Duplicate Check has significantly improved Chicago Fire FC's data handling capabilities. Reflecting on these changes, Jacob notes the substantial impact: "Since implementing Duplicate Check, we've seen a dramatic drop in errors, particularly when syncing surveys and managing contact information. Our cleanup process has become much easier. Tasks that used to take us 30 minutes to an hour, like ensuring surveys sync with the correct contact, now take just a minute or two. It's a major shift in our data management."

Efficiency in Data Syncing: The most noticeable improvement has been reducing errors when syncing survey responses to the correct contacts. Duplicate Check has streamlined this process, ensuring accurate and efficient data syncing.

Significant Time Savings: The tool has drastically reduced the time required for data reviews. What used to be a lengthy task is now handled swiftly, allowing the team to reallocate their focus to other critical areas.

Reduction in Duplicates: Jacob also highlights the decline in duplicate data concerns. "I don't have to worry about duplicates while these are running. This saves considerable time and improves our team's efficiency, as we're no longer spending time reviewing and correcting duplicate opportunities," he adds.

Duplicate Check has addressed the club's initial data challenges and transformed its data management approach, leading to more efficient operations and a more focused team.

“ Tasks that used to take us 30 minutes to an hour, like ensuring surveys sync with the correct contact, now take just a minute or two. It's a major shift in our data management. ”
Jacob Knoerl
Jacob Knoerl CRM Analyst at Chicago Fire FC
Chicago Fire FC

Conclusion: Advancing the Game with Smart Data Management

Chicago Fire FC's journey with Plauti's Duplicate Check exemplifies the power of technology in revolutionizing not just soccer but the entire fan experience. Embracing this innovative tool has allowed the club to tackle the growing complexity of their data head-on. From ensuring every fan feels uniquely connected to optimizing operations, Duplicate Check has been a key player in their strategy.

Jacob's testament to the dramatic reduction in data errors and the remarkable time savings achieved speaks volumes. This transformation in data management has streamlined processes and fortified the bond with their passionate fan base. Chicago Fire FC's proactive approach and adaptation of Duplicate Check is a testament to their commitment to excellence, both on and off the field. In embracing these technological advances, they continue to set the bar high, proving that in the world of sports, success is not just about scoring goals but also about achieving big with innovation and efficiency.

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