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Seamless.AI & Plauti: A Dream Match With 90% Time Savings

Seamless.AI & Plauti: A Dream Match With 90% Time Savings

In the world of data management, duplicate data and manual merging can be time-consuming. However, Seamless.AI found a way to improve its internal efficiency by partnering with Plauti. By leveraging Plauti’s expertise, Seamless.AI eliminated duplicate data with greater ease, resulting in a more streamlined and efficient workspace.

About Seamless.AI

Seamless.AI is an AI-powered sales and marketing platform for businesses, offering accurate and comprehensive data on any professional in the world, lead generation tools, and countless CRM integrations. With 400,000+ users, Seamless.AI is dedicated to transforming sales, driving growth, and helping their customers make informed decisions through accurate data.

  • Industry: SaaS
  • Salesforce products: Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud
  • Customer since: 2022
  • Use case: B2B sales management, marketing management, customer data deduplication, and consolidation.

Salesforce Customer Data Management Challenges

Seamless.AI and Salesforce are a dream combo for driving sales. But while Salesforce has been reliable for managing Seamles.AI’s contacts, accounts, and cases, as Seamless.AI continued to scale, the Seamless team faced two new challenges within Salesforce: duplicate data in Salesforce and manual merging.

Because Salesforce’s default merge feature couldn’t merge more than three records, this meant Seamless’ Revenue Operations team was left with a nightmare of messy duplicate data and wasted hours on manual merging.

The Seamless.AI team knew they needed to optimize their customer data management in order to focus on product innovation and growth. The RevOps team created a number of workarounds, but nothing really addressed the root of the problem.


The Solution to the Data Dilemma: Efficient Automation!

Enter Duplicate Check, a Plauti app for Salesforce - the ultimate solution for Seamless.AI’s duplicate data dilemma.

With this app, Seamless.AI could consolidate customer data in one place and automate the merging of contacts, accounts, and cases. Now, when the Seamless.AI team wants to merge cases, all they have to do is check the cases they want to merge in a related list, click merge, and let the system handle the rest. In addition to these benefits, Duplicate Check’s native integration with Salesforce means there’s no need for third-party integration, so it’s simpler to use and reduces the chance of data discrepancies. Thanks to Duplicate Check, Seamless.AI can continuously ensure that data stays clean by running weekly merges or using merge actions on record pages.

Keeping Data Clean & Streamlined With Duplicate Check

The effects of Duplicate Check can be seen cross-functionally at Seamless.AI. The Sales team can provide the customer with a complete history of their relationship with Seamless.AI in an efficient manner because account info is organized in one place. The Customer Support team is able to quickly ensure opportunities and contacts stay associated with the correct account, even when there are data entry updates with slightly different account names, allowing the team to monitor customer requirements closely.

Overall, Duplicate Check has improved data accuracy and quality, as duplicate data has been virtually eliminated from Seamless.AI’s systems. And the Seamless.AI team is able to reduce discrepancies in Salesforce further, as well as save time and money because they no longer have to invest in additional storage space for duplicate records. With a more streamlined process, Seamless.AI is better equipped to connect the world to opportunity!

“ When we implemented Plauti, it worked perfectly. I can tell you, for the support team, merging contacts has gone from a five-minute process down to a 30-second one. ”
Shaya Silvers
Shaya Silvers Salesforce Certified Administrator, Seamless.AI
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