PDM vs Informatica

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Choosing the correct solution to manage your database is a challenging yet crucial task! It is a pivotal structure to your success and will impact the whole business.

PDM vs Informatica

Comparing Plauti Data Management (PDM) to another big industry player solution – Informatica’s Cloud MDM - Customer 360, we can highlight Top 3 reasons why PDM is a better choice for you:

Time to value & additional costs
Prevent bad data at any point-of-entry
What’s a customer 360 without your end-users?

Prevention is 10 times cheaper than correction. Detect bad data from any point-of-entry (API insert, import, web to lead), directly consolidate duplicates that commonly have valuable data that needs to be merged with existing records.

PDM's unique feature allows end-users to receive live alerts and suggestions upon viewing, inserting, or updating data in Salesforce.


According to users, Plauti’s ability to configure and customize the platform according to your needs & demands is outstanding and determinant to choosing PDM as their Data Management Solution. In addition to that, customizing PDM will be easier and take less development resources than with any external 3rd party MDM

Time to value & additional costs

Based on online reviews, PDM can deliver a faster implementation and a white-glove onboarding & support, plus a dedicated customer success manager!
Plauti Data Management
is configured and customized in days, not weeks.

100% Salesforce Native

PDM is 100% native to Salesforce and offers the same intuitive experience. This means your data stays securely in Salesforce and the ramp-up time for your teams is much shorter.

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Don’t just take our word for it.
I really like the flexibility. It gives us exactly what we need without having to build, test, and maintain a large codebase.
Anuj Kapoor
Senior Project Director at EF Education First
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Plauti has set up a great product to make customer data aggregation extremely simple.
Jeff Ritter
Head of Corporate Development at Cumberland Mutual
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Plauti Data Management

PDM is a Salesforce native data management tool that can be seamlessly integrated into your custom processes: Apex plugins, Apex or Rest API, Flow Actions, Lightning Components – you name, we got it! The extensive configuration allows you to find every bad data point of entry and clean it – by your own rules! Plauti Data Management helps you to increase overall data management efficiency, reduces the time & effort needed to find, clean, and maintain high-quality data in Salesforce.

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