Salesforce ISV Ecosystem in China on Alibaba Cloud: Plauti's Exclusive Insight

April 24, 2024
Reading time: less than a minute

Plauti presents an exclusive glimpse into the 'Salesforce ISV Ecosystem in China on Alibaba Cloud' webinar. This sneak peek captures the essence of our engaging session on the future of cloud computing and CRM innovation.

Full details will be available at our official announcement!

Plauti研讨会精华: 在阿里巴巴云上的Salesforce ISV生态系统

参与Plauti回顾‘在阿里巴巴云上的Salesforce ISV生态系统’研讨会。这个精华片段为您提供了一个关于通过阿里巴巴云扩展Salesforce功能讨论和洞察的预览。请留意我们的正式公告,以获取更深入的内容。

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