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The Nature of Data in AI (intro)

Defined by Design The Nature of Data in Artificial Intelligence Models Introduction

Few events have stirred the globe as much as the excitement and anticipation surrounding artificial intelligence (AI). For those of us old enough, it brings memories to the rise of the internet, or the mobile phone. With each stride, AI seems to transcend its previously held boundaries, and has rapidly evolved from an intriguing concept for science fictions lovers to a global buzz and excitement, a palpable force that looks capable of reshaping industries, be it advertising, law or programming. No industry seems unscathed by the cutting edge of AI either directly or indirectly, and all-around world, from boardroom meetings to casual conversations, people are talking about AI and how it might impact their future. It’s like a meteorite appeared overhead out of nowhere, and collectively we all turned our focus towards the sky and saw this huge force arriving. What does it mean? What impact will it have on our lives?

A blinding moment of illumination during the rise of AI technology was the advent and unleashing on the world of ChatGPT. Hardly requiring an introduction, the exponential and relentless rise of ChatGPT is an emblematic mark of AI's astounding trajectory—from an innovative curiosity generating poems and children’s books to an indispensable tool being adapted in every aspect of business operations. It is without a doubt that ChatGPT's impact echoes everywhere. Its rise to prominence has announced the arrival of a new era, an era where AI's capabilities have suddenly been realized at once, and the race towards harnessing its power to its full potential has started.

For evidence of the explosive rise of ChatGPT, one need not look far. Statistics showing ChatGPT's rapid adoption are a shocking revelation with no mixed messages. A glance at data from Similarweb reveals a staggering surge in the platform's usage from the get-go. Upon the launch of ChatGPT 3,5, the hosting website,, witnessed an upsurge in visits, climbing by an impressive 160% within a mere 30 days. From there, it went from 266 million in December 2022 to 1.6 billion visits in February 2023 -that is almost one in every four people on the planet! The numbers speak volumes, telling us AI has arrived and is here to stay.

Although the impact of ChatGPT extends into almost every corner of the world, in this guide, our focus will be on the spheres of sales, marketing, and revenue operations (RevOps). Starting in the realm of sales, AI has already produced a plethora of innovations, such as lead scoring powered by data-driven insights. AI has helped turn guessing games into data driven decisions by revealing gaps in data we have never considered. When applied correctly, AI empowers sales teams to focus their energies on leads most likely to translate into conversions and avoid wasting time on fruitless endeavors that are often the result of poor data. Furthermore, the realm of sales forecasting undergoes a revolution. AI's ability to analyze historical data and gauge market trends refines forecasts to an unprecedented degree of precision, empowering organizations to make informed, strategic decisions.

Venturing into marketing, we will learn how AI lays the foundation for an era of personalized experiences that help companies create better relationships with their customer. In a world where customers expect personal treatment, online companies have to be able to scale their automation while balancing the need to come across as authentic, genuine and personalized to the customer. With the help of AI analyzing individual behaviors and preferences and applying them to AI-driven marketing campaigns has never been easier. The results are clear: marketing teams can more easily establish, and, most importantly, maintain a direct, authentic connection with each customer. The power of AI in marketing allows for predictive campaign performance analysis—rather of relying on intuition or gut feeling, AI predicts the outcomes of marketing initiatives with a much higher greater accuracy than before.

Defined by Design The Nature of Data in Artificial Intelligence Models Introduction 2

Lastly, let us consider RevOps, the dynamic intersection of sales, marketing, and customer success. RevOps also stands to gain unparalleled advantages from the integration of AI lead processes. AI helps unify data from diverse sources and paint a panoramic picture that allows operations teams make better decisions without doubting the data they based their findings on.

While we could never deny that the promises of AI are indeed almost unfathomable, there's a requirement that often remains drowned out in the noise of the excitement—the imperative of clean data. This is true for all data, an Salesforce data is no exception. For AI's potential, data quality remains a critical foundation for it to work, and this caveat is often overshadowed by the glamour of results. As we progress through this series, we will learn how clean data is a foundational pre-requisite that defines the outcome of any AI driven initiative. We will further explore the symbiotic relationship between AI's potential and the indispensable role of clean Salesforce data. Together, we will navigate through the interplay of data quality and AI's transformative capabilities, and cast a spotlight on the pivotal role of data deduplication, as well as other data management tasks essential to good data hygiene.

Throughout the rest of this guide, we will reveal exactly how clean data is the driving force propelling AI's engine, enabling a cascade of benefits, namely:

  • Accurate insights that underpin informed decisions.
  • Effective training and learning of AI models.
  • Minimization of errors, leading to reliable outcomes.
  • Enhanced decision-making, backed by precise data.
  • Improved customer experiences through personalized interactions.
  • Streamlined processes and automation for operational efficiency.
  • A catalyst for innovation and a competitive advantage.

    Within this journey of AI's ascent and the imperative of clean data, we'll discuss current trends and statistics, as well give real-world examples of Plauti's role in elevating data quality for numerous businesses.

    Let’s embark on this voyage of AI's transformative potential, fueled by the powerful foundation clean data has to offer.
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