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The Top 15 Salesforce Resources 2024 

TL;DR: This chapter offers a curated list of the top 15 Salesforce resources, including platforms like Salesforce Trailhead for learning, the Community for peer support, Reddit's r/salesforce for discussions, and various other sources for learning. Whether you're a novice or an expert, these resources cover a spectrum of needs for enhancing skills and knowledge in Salesforce data management.

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Resource Oasis – The Top 15 Salesforce Resources 2024 

Navigating the multifaceted Salesforce landscape requires access to the right resources and communities. Welcome to "Resource Oasis," a curated list of valuable resources and platforms where you can gather insights, tips, and support for Salesforce data management. 

1. Salesforce Trailhead

  • Description: Salesforce's proprietary learning platform, offering modules and trails for varying expertise levels.
  • Notable Modules: "Admin Beginner Trail" for new learners, "Advanced Apex Coding" for experienced developers.
  • Topics Covered: Ranging from basic navigation and setup to advanced programming and customization.
  • Why Use It: Interactive and practical learning scenarios enhance skill development.

2. Salesforce Trailblazer Community

  • Description: A dynamic forum for Salesforce users globally to connect, share, and resolve challenges.
  • Discussion Topics: From daily operational queries to strategic implementation discussions. Also find local meetups around Salesforce, such as ArchiTalks.
  • Why Use It: Excellent and trusted way to network with the Salesforce Community

3. Reddit - r/salesforce

  • Description: A dedicated subreddit for Salesforce-related discussions and advice.
  • Popular Threads: Updates on new Salesforce features, troubleshooting advice, user experiences.
  • Discussion Range: From beginner questions to expert-level strategy sharing.
  • Why Use It: Provides a range of perspectives and immediate community feedback.

4. Salesforce AppExchange Reviews

  • Description: User reviews and insights on various Salesforce applications and tools.
  • Reviewed Apps: “Duplicate Check for Salesforce”, “”, and other popular Salesforce applications.
  • Review Content: User experiences, application usability, and performance insights.
  • Why Use It: Authentic user reviews to aid in evaluating and selecting third-party Salesforce tools.

5. LinkedIn Groups - Network with Salesforce Experts & Salesforce Professionals

  • Description: Professional networking groups on LinkedIn for Salesforce-related discussions and connections.
  • Notable Groups: Salesforce official group.
  • Networking Opportunities: Discussions on career opportunities, industry trends, and expert advice.
  • Why Use It: For professional networking, industry updates, and expert insights.

6. Salesforce Official Blog

  • Description: Official Salesforce blogs and webinars providing updates, tips, and best practices.
  • Key Content: Latest feature releases, success stories, webinars on new tools like “Einstein Analytics”.
  • Topics Covered: From product updates to strategic uses of Salesforce in various industries.
  • Why Use It: Direct insights from Salesforce experts and updates on new developments.

7. G2 - Salesforce App Reviews

  • Description: A platform for user-generated reviews focusing on Salesforce functionalities.
  • Specific Reviews: User experiences with Salesforce products like Sales Cloud, Service Cloud.
  • Content Focus: Ratings, user feedback, and comparative analysis with other CRM tools.
  • Why Use It: User experiences and ratings guide informed decision-making on Salesforce features.

8. YouTube - Salesforce Channels

  • Description: Various YouTube channels providing Salesforce tutorials, tips, and insights.
  • Recommended Channels: "Salesforce Ben" for practical guidance, "SFDC Panther" for technical tutorials. Also be sure to check out the Plauti YouTube channel to learn more about Plauti solutions!
  • Content Type: Step-by-step guides, feature overviews, update walkthroughs.
  • Why Use It: Visual learning aids understanding and application of Salesforce features.

9. Stack Exchange - Salesforce Questions

  • Description: A technical Q&A forum for Salesforce-related queries and solutions.:
  • Key Sections: “Salesforce Developer Questions”, “Salesforce Administration Solutions”.
  • Question Types: Technical coding queries, system integration issues, best practice advice.
  • Why Use It: Ideal for detailed technical solutions and diverse expert opinions.

11. Tech Blogs and Forums

  • Description: Independent blogs and forums offering fresh perspectives on Salesforce.:
  • Key Blogs: “Admin Hero” for best practices.
  • Forum Participation: Salesforce Developer Forums, independent CRM discussion boards.
  • Why Use It: For alternative viewpoints, latest trends, and independent analysis.

12. Salesforce MVP Blogs

  • Description: Blogs by Salesforce MVPs offering deep insights and advanced strategies.
  • Notable Blogs: “Admin Hero” for administrative tips, “Salesforce Ben” for comprehensive guides, “SFDC Panther” for technical deep dives.
  • Topics Covered: From basic navigation tips to advanced coding techniques and system integration advice.
  • Why Use It: Leverage the extensive experience and knowledge of Salesforce MVPs.

13. Local Salesforce User Groups

  • Description: Community groups in various locations where Salesforce users meet and share knowledge.
  • Notable groups: "Meetup" is a fantastic place to see Salesforce related events.
  • Activities: Regular local meetings, workshops, and networking events.
  • Why Use It: For community support, experience sharing, and local networking opportunities.

14. Salesforce Partner Portals

  • Description: Portals from official Salesforce partners featuring resources, case studies, and expert insights.
  • Resources Offered: Case studies, whitepapers, and webinars tailored to Salesforce applications in various industries.
  • Why Use It: Access to industry-specific solutions, professional insights, and real-world case studies.

15. Salesforce Podcasts

  • Description: Informative podcasts focusing on various aspects of Salesforce, hosted by experts and industry leaders.
  • Notable Podcasts: "Salesforceway Podcast" for in-depth discussions, "The Salesforce Admins Podcast" for admin tips, "The Cloudcast" for broader cloud technology insights.
  • Discussion Topics: Insights on data management strategies, career guidance, and Salesforce innovations.
  • Why Use It: Convenient and insightful learning for on-the-go professionals, offering industry leader insights.
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