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Format and validate records in Salesforce

Record Validation empowers end-users, Salesforce admins, and developers to format and validate data. Processing ranges from manual to fully automatic. Use Record Validation as a native Salesforce app or leverage our powerful APIs and Flow Actions.

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Quick Entry

Record Validation for Salesforce can format and validate email addresses, phone numbers, and addresses upon inserting or updating a record. This allows you to enter new information faster, without errors, and improves your efficiency.

Direct Validate

The Direct Validate feature automatically validates records that enter your Org through API insert or bulk upload. Use Direct Validate to validate your data immediately at the point of entry.

Address Validation

Record Validation streamlines and enhances your address data by parsing, standardizing, verifying, cleansing, and formatting it for over 240 countries and territories. Additionally, it automatically configures and maps your standard address fields for the Lead, Contact, and Account Object, but can be configured for any (custom) object in Salesforce. With Geocodes enabled, Record Validation adds geocodes to addresses that have not yet recorded their latitude and longitude. This ensures greater accuracy for your address records.

Batch Validation

Run a Record Validation job and validate all existing records from within Salesforce. Configure a scenario to automatically process your validation results or choose to process them manually. There is no technical knowledge required when using our easy-to-use interface to validate records.


Get detailed information about data. What percentage of your data is incorrect? Why is it incorrect? How much progress has there been in validating data over the last few months? Share these insights fast and easily with the rest of your team.

Live Validation

Record Validation Live is a Lightning component you can add anywhere on your record page layout. It allows you to quickly validate Address, Email, and Phone values for the record you’re working in.

Duplicate Check Integration

Start creating Data Happiness and get a validated and duplicate-free Salesforce. Record Validation and Duplicate Check are a match made in heaven. Together, they help you to validate and dedupe your Salesforce. Install all our products and start working with validated, formatted, and duplicate-free data.

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Record Validation offers an easy-to-use Apex and REST API and Flow Actions to format and validate records anywhere in and outside Salesforce.