Enable a true customer 360 within Salesforce

Plauti Data Management (PDM) is a complete data management solution that is native to Salesforce. Unify all customer data and create a trusted customer view, right within Salesforce.

Why choose Plauti Data Management

Fast time-to-value
PDM is 100% native to Salesforce and offers the same intuitive experience. PDM is configured and customized in days, not weeks.
Secure and compliant
Personal data won't be transferred outside of Salesforce and our solution allows for the same identity and access management as Salesforce.
Large data volume (LDV) ready
When Salesforce processing power does not cut it, use our technology to offload your data processing tasks to your own servers or machine.
“I really like the flexibility of Plauti. It gives us exactly what we need in identifying and cleaning bad data, without having to build, test and maintain a large code base.”
Anuj Kapoor
Anuj Kapoor Senior Project Director | Education First
Full control in finding and cleaning bad data

Determine what bad data is, how to merge and consolidate, validate fields, and what data is kept and discarded. Use scenarios with fine-grained identification and cleaning rules to match your business logic.

Prevent bad data at any point-of-entry

Prevention is 10 times cheaper than correction. Detect bad data from any point-of-entry (API insert, import, web to lead), directly consolidate, verify contact & lead data and let end-users receive live alerts & suggestions upon viewing, inserting, or updating data in Salesforce.

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Automate your data hygiene and save time

When you connect more and more data silos to your Salesforce CRM, manually cleaning all that data is not feasible. Plauti Data Management offers a range of automation options (from scheduled jobs to direct processing of new records) to keep your data clean. Automating saves you countless hours of work, but you maintain full control in what happens with your data: automatically fix or list for manual review.

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Trusted by top global brands

Empower end-users to help maintain good data hygiene

Daily human error causes data to decay further. Empower end-users with live alerts, suggestions, and mass actions to prevent & clean bad data when viewing, updating, or inserting data in Salesforce. Make maintaining good data hygiene a company-wide effort.

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Peace of mind with Salesforce-level security & compliance

All personal data never leaves Salesforce because all functionality is SFDC native. Plauti Data Management is also compatible with shield encryption and passed the rigorous Salesforce AppExchange security audit.

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Integrate with any data source and any custom process

Leverage Apex plugins, Apex or Rest API, Flow Actions, Lightning components to seamlessly integrate data improvement in your processes - all within Salesforce. Workflows will hardly change, making sure that your data quality and CRM adoption will immediately improve.