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Plauti Data Management suite

Deduplication Deduplication
Identify duplicates through advanced matching algorithms. Directly proces duplicates coming in via any API and prevent further damages through features such as automated jobs and a live view that empowers end-users.
Consolidation Consolidation
Consolidate your records by merging them or create a golden record. Explore the advanced matching engine, the extensive merge & consolidation rules. Automated cleansing features, and a ton of other data wrangling tools.
Validation & Verification Validation & Verification
Validate and verify contact data such as postal, phone and email. Automate it and empower end-users with Live views. Parse, standardize, format and cleanse contact data, or any field in Salesforce.
Enrichment Enrichment
Enrich contact details to accurately route leads.
Mass Transformation Mass Transformation
Empower admins and end-users with the Swiss Army Knife of data management in Salesforce. Mass everything; -update, -delete, -convert, -create a task, -find & replace and the latest AI addition: AskChatGPT
Unlimited users Unlimited users
True data quality is only possible if every end-user is able to contribute to the quality of data. PDM has functionality that can be enabled specifically for end-users.
Enterprise Level Services Enterprise Level Services
Dedicated Customer Success Manager, Solution configuration, Enterprise Service Level Agreement, Team onboarding, Training sessions, Health checks, Direct support channel, Dedicated expert sessions (Architecture sessions, Customizations, Data quality lessons & prevention for new employees)

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Customer satisfaction in their own words

Robert Norris
Incredibly helpful for data maintenance!
Robert Norris / Revenue Operations Manager & Certified Salesforce Administrator at Aug 15, 2022
Great to have on hand. Especially well-appreciated by Admins like me. Plauti's more intuitive, comprehensive approach has really paid off. I would absolutely recommend the 360 Package if the option arises.
Justine Miller
Great product. Excellent customer experience.
Justine Miller / Sr Data Management Supervisor at Honeywell
Customer experience is top tier. I cannot say enough good things about the customer success manager paired with our organisation. Their commitment to the success of our team has been outstanding.
Andy Piftor
Great features for the right price
Andy Piftor / Salesforce Product Owner at Bitdefender
The fact that their tool had what I was looking for: Mass Update, Edit, and Delete options. Not only that, but they offered a wide range of possibilities and opportunities through their "Variables" menu.
Answers to
Frequently Asked Questions
How many users can work with Plauti Data Management?

There is no limit on the number of users. Everybody can work with our solution at no additional cost.

Does a trial automatically turn into a paid subscription?

No, it does not. Once your trial has ended, your access to most PDM features also ends.

Are there any limitations on a trial?

The trial is fully functional. You get access to all Premium features.

Are additional payment details required to start a Free Trial?

No. So also no credit card details are needed when activating a trial.

I am working for a non-profit, can Plauti Data Management work with NPSP?

Plauti Data Management is compatible with both NPSP as well as NGO Connect. In addition, we also offer a discount percentage to all non-profit organizations.

Can I get a refund?

We offer free demos and free, extensive trial possibilities to explore our app before purchasing. Therefore, we do not have a refund policy.