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Find, prevent and merge duplicate records

Duplicate Check empowers end-users, Salesforce admins, and developers to find, prevent and merge duplicate records in Salesforce. Processing ranges from manual to fully automatic. Use Duplicate Check as a native Salesforce app or leverage our powerful APIs and Flow Actions.

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Find Duplicates in Bulk

DC Job lets you create a batch job to identify all duplicate records in Salesforce. Once set up, you can easily access them and manually (or automatically) process them when you like. You can quickly find any job you're looking for using built-in filters. DC also allows you to monitor the status of currently running jobs as well and keep track of jobs scheduled to run. Additionally, you can export reports, merge & convert records, and more.

Duplicate Detection Rules

Use every nuanced detection feature in Duplicate Check to create custom scenarios for finding duplicates. These scenarios are ultra-customizable, and you can fine-tune your threshold, matching method, fields and weighting to get the results that work best for your data.

Advanced Fuzzy Matching

Records enter Salesforce in different standards, for instance, “Doctor” or the abbreviated “Dr.” This makes duplicates hard to spot and means they often evade detection, even though they are duplicates. To catch every discrepancy in the data, Duplicate Check employs 20+ fuzzy matching techniques.

Synonym Matching

Synonym matching tackles the frequent issue of synonyms in company names and addresses or in any fields. It's an improvement to Duplicate Check, optimizing the deduplication process. Users now have the ability to add their own synonyms, build custom synonym lists, and recognize synonymous terms as matches when searching for duplicates.

Standard & Custom Objects

Essential for any Salesforce org big and small. Use Duplicate Check to find duplicates in Lead, Contact, and Account objects and in all other Standard and Custom Objects. Duplicate Check also works cross-object.

Cross-Object Deduplication

Duplicate data can hide itself across various object types in your Salesforce org. With Duplicate Check, you’ll be able to discover duplicates across standard objects or other objects, including custom objects.

Frequent Words

Duplicate Check's Frequent Words feature allows users to select frequent words that will be excluded when searching for duplicate records. For instance, the word “university” might be useful to exclude when checking for duplicate records related to higher education. Choose between a list of typical, frequently occurring words, or create a personalized list with your own words.

Advanced Merge Rules

When merging records within an Object, Duplicate Check calls upon the Merge Rules to pick a master record and to determine which fields or groups of fields should be stored in that master record. The Merge Rules also determine what fields are pre-selected on the manual merge page, and the rules are executed when executing an automated merge.

Automatically Merge & Convert

Besides being able to easily merge and convert dupes manually, the Auto Merge feature lets you automatically merge duplicate records with a threshold level of your choice. You easily define your requirements on the Merge Rules page. Likewise, the Auto Convert feature lets you convert identified duplicates with ease. Working with delicate records? Before taking this action, you can manually review the batch results and select which records to discard during the conversion process.

Process Duplicates in- or outside of Salesforce

Plauti Cloud introduces a fresh processing alternative, enabling you to dispatch your duplicate check task for execution on the Plauti Cloud. This cloud-based platform leverages the capabilities of Azure. In contrast to the existing alternatives within Duplicate Check, namely Platform Jobs and DC Local, this novel processing choice offers a range of advantages such as collaborative teamwork in real time, automatic updates & large data volume (LDV) jobs with unparalleled performance, even on millions of records.

Large Data Volumes ready

Used natively, Duplicate Check is proven to work with millions of records. However, there are several methods of execution available depending on the requirements of a job. Use Duplicate Check Local to leverage the power of your local machine and keep data within your environment. Alternatively, harness the power of Plauti Cloud for even faster processing and larger jobs without the need to keep a local machine running. Plauti Cloud introduces some neat new possibilities, such as collaborating on jobs.

Deduplicate when Importing Records

When importing records into Salesforce, it's common to encounter matches with your existing data, resulting in duplicates records. The Unique Import feature intelligently compares your imported data with your current records. Once it analyzes the data, it enables you to seamlessly merge duplicate entries. This means you can import your data worry-free, and let Duplicate Check handle the task of spotting dupes.

Insights & analysis

Duplicate Check gives you detailed insights about detected duplicates, records merged, and records converted. You can track your progress with previous months to compare and optimize your data cleaning plan. You can also keep track of what percentage of incoming records are duplicates. Additionally, with the DC Audit Log, you always know exactly what actions have been performed in Duplicate Check, by any user.

Prevent Duplicates in Real-Time

Keep your finger on the pulse of your data with live notifications. Duplicate Check warns users in real-time when they enter a record that already exists. You can add this powerful feature to any page you're working on.

Directly Process Incoming Duplicates

When records automatically enter Salesforce through a web-to-lead form or a marketing automation tool, Salesforce will get filled with duplicates without anyone realizing it. Use Duplicate Check's Direct Processing option to merge incoming duplicate records automatically or choose to flag them on a list for manual reviewing. This method works on all entry points, whether manual insert, import, API or web-to-lead.

Collaborate when Deduping

DC Live opens a world of collaborative options. With DC Live, any user can flag suspicious records for admin to review. They can also suggest a group of records to be set for merge. Users can share a merge page to get feedback or suggestions.

Unlimited Users

Instead of limiting data management powers to a select handful of users, embrace the Plauti philosophy and equip the users you want with the features you feel they need. After all, they are in the driver's seat with the data daily, so they know it best. Now, anyone in your organization can take action against duplicate data. Maybe you don’t want all users with this power? Simple. Users can also flag potentially bad data for later review.

Integrate & Customize

Leverage our Apex plugins, Apex or Rest API, Flow Actions, Lightning Components to seamlessly integrate duplicate checking and merging into your processes. The workflow of your users will hardly change, making sure that your data quality will immediately improve.

Flow Actions

Set up Flow Actions to gather duplicate IDs from a DC Flow Output. You can also find Master Records by DC Search Action Output.